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Infant gaviscon and teat size

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cloudjumper Sat 16-Jan-16 03:45:39

Our nearly 4-week old might have silent reflux (all the symptoms are there), and we have been given infant gaviscon to try.
I've just done the first feed with it and am wondering if I have to change tear size? DD normally downs 3 oz of formula in 20ish minutes or so, maybe less, that's with medium flow teats (Medela bottles). This time she took over one hour for barely 2 oz! The flow seems really bad, barely anything comes out - is that normal? Do I need to change to the fast flow teats? We added the powder to room temperature formula.

babyboyHarrison Sat 16-Jan-16 20:58:01

Probably not what is recommended but I found gaviscon dissolved better in hot water so we'd add it to freshly boiled water in the sterilised bottles and make them all in thd morning. Then heat the water slightly (microwaved for a 10 seconds or put in hot water) then add the formula. We stuck with a slow flow teat the whole time we bottle fed. Never had any issues with it being too slow to feed. Think maybe the undissolved gaviscon clogged the teat a bit. We also gave DS ranitidine (antacid). Until we used both we couldn't lie him down without him getting really upset. Gaviscon didn't really stop him being sick but did reduce it and he stopped being upset so the rest was just lots of washing!

We also found a wedge in the cot and a funny Velcro wrap to stop him sliding down the cot really helped (we got ours from baby reflux uk but sure there are others available). Hope that helps.

Good luck

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