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Stopped expressing but now have mastitis

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mrsleomcgary Thu 14-Jan-16 17:03:32

Baby is 4 weeks old,didn't breast feed as we couldn't get it right but I expressed for a week or so and fed her exclusively that way. Would have continued for longer but not practical with a toddler in the house.

Anyway,stopped expressing over christmas week,breasts feel normal but I still leak slightly at night. Few days ago a red lump appeared on the underside of one breast and from reading the info on the nhs choices site it's mastitis. If i've understood the info correctly the best way to deal with it is to continue expressing but bearing in mind I stopped 3 weeks ago if I express (by hand most likely) will I end up back at square one and restart my flow of milk?

I feel fine,no other symptoms other than the lump on my boob but it's really tender so keen to do anything I can to get rid of it asap.

youlemming Thu 14-Jan-16 22:39:01

It could be an area of engorgement rather than mastitis as that usually comes with a temperature and flu like feelings.

Not quite the same but similar enough that I am weaning DD during the day ready to return to work, 2 wks in to feeding only morning and evening I ended up with a very painful lump that appeared in a hr.
I've had mastitis before and it was horrible so went to doctors before it got to the point of needing antibiotics and was told that without the other symptoms it was unlikely to be mastitis but engorgement.
Treatment was to feed to clear it and take ibuprofen, obviously didn't want to feed when I'd weaned DD off, but did just for that day and luckily it's settled down again and that was 2 wks ago.
I've not fed or expressed since.

Try warm compresses and express enough to make it comfortable, then see how it goes hopefully it will settle without the need to express further.

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