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What to do with my electric breast pump that is no longer needed. Can you donate them to charity?

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Fizzy500 Wed 13-Jan-16 13:06:39


I have an Medela swing breast pump that I no longer need. Seems a shame to just throw it away as it was expensive and could easily be passed onto somebody else.

Does anyone know if you can donate them to charity or hospitals possibly?

Many thanks

swashbucklecheer Wed 13-Jan-16 13:08:17

I don't know but would be interested in the answer as I'm in the same position myself.

SolsburyHell Wed 13-Jan-16 13:16:47

Bump, I've got one too. I was wondering this the other day.

frangipani13 Wed 13-Jan-16 14:26:30

As these are closed breastpumps they are hygienic to reuse so you could resell it there are lots on eBay. Or perhaps donate to your local women's refuge?

Focusfocus Wed 13-Jan-16 15:41:44

Ooooh I'm looking for one! Are any of you selling? crosses fingers toes and dogs paws

CityDweller Wed 13-Jan-16 17:46:59

frangi medala swing isn't a closed system so therefore best not to use 2nd hand

Fizzy500 Thu 14-Jan-16 08:16:17

Just googled and it seems to be a bit of a grey area if the the swing is open or closed. Focus, happy to pass mine onto you - send me a message if you are still interested.

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