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What could it be?

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HollyC255552 Mon 11-Jan-16 15:41:56 DD is 6 months old always been formula fed from birth (Aptamil). The past few months her poos have been really runny/watery & bright yellow (Korma like) - sorry for tmi - i put this down to teething so i thought nothing of it at the time.
Anyway it then dawned on me last week surely if it was teething it wouldnt be happening every day for all this time, & surely i would of seen a tooth by now. So i booked to see the gp showed pics of poo etc who said he probably thinks it was the formula. So i've now changed to Cow & Gate. She has been on this now since Saturday she seems ok on it - so far. I am waiting for her to do a poo to see what the situation is with this. However the past week or so DD has been squirming, crying (not a proper cry) when i put the bottle to her mouth, arching her back, trying to sit up like she is in some discomfort & not finishing her bottles she only having a couple of ozs at times. This doesnt seem to happen on every bottle though so its baffling me. I didnt mention this to gp as just thought it could of been related to the Aptamil formula but its now also happening on C&G. A couple of family members i have mentioned this too seems to think it could be that DD has become lactose intolerant.

So i was just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation or have any advice about this?

Sorry for the ultra long post - i hope it all makes sense i just would really like some advice. Thanks!

tiktok Mon 11-Jan-16 16:14:06

It's a puzzle, but it is unlikely that your dd has become lactose intolerant.

Primary lactose intolerance (from birth) is very, very rare - you would not get a baby thriving beyond the first week with it.

Secondary lactose intolerance is the result of a gastric upset - the lining of the gut becomes damaged, temporarily, and lactose irritates the damaged lining. Babies are poorly, usually, don't thrive and are miserable - but you could check with your GP what he/she thinks.

It does sound like some sort of discomfort, but it could equally well be behavioural, as she tries to sit up, look around, fights the bottle to do something more interesting and distracting....and the fact you say it doesn't happen every time sort of supports that!

What does your HV think?

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