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Silent reflux - should I seek help?

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Sandsnake Mon 11-Jan-16 12:33:29

Hello! Not sure is the right place for this but hopefully there will be someone that can help. DS1 is 9 weeks old and has silent reflux. This is self-diagnosed but I am 100% sure due to his textbook symptoms. We've tried infant gaviscon but as he is EBF this is a massive faff as he won't take it in the paste format and I just can't express every feed to add it to milk especially when I'm on my own in the day. I've cut dairy out from my diet and I think this is helping a bit.

When it's bad he is miserable and unsettled all day. It's worse at night and he really struggles to sleep in his crib (even though he's elevated) and at the moment spends most of the night in with me, mostly raised up on my chest.

GP at 8 week check was relatively dismissive - saying it's just something babies go through and he will grow out of it. Is this true though? Should we just put up with it? I'm not entirely sure if it is normal
to just accept a baby being in regular - bad - pain and not being able to sleep flat as a result of it. I think I might have already been a little too passive in not taking him to
the GP proactively and trying to get a solution.

My question is - should I take him back to the GP and really push for some sort of action (I've read that there are things they can prescribe but they can be reluctant)? Or is his silent reflux just normal 'baby stuff' that the two of us should just suck up?!

Hope my ramblings make sense and TIA for any words of wisdom. smile

ElectraAzalea Tue 12-Jan-16 22:44:24

Hi Sandsnake, just a thought but have you had your DS checked for tongue tie? The symptoms of tongue tie can be really similar to silent reflux- I was unsure which was affecting my DS when he was having problems. He was very windy, uncomfortable, and unsettled, happier when upright, and only wanted to sleep on my chest. He also made a clicking noise when feeding and his latch wasn't right- I could actually hear him gulping air too, do these sound familiar to you as well? It turned out my DS had tongue tie rather than silent reflux.

In any case I would go back to the GP and see what they say. I found carrying my DS in a sling and keeping him upright in that helped a lot, maybe this would help too? Hope you get it sorted, and congrats on your baby flowers

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