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How long do your feeds last?

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bigchangesabound Mon 11-Jan-16 10:15:15

Hi, my baby is 3 months now and have concerns about tongue tie which I am getting looked into. Just want to know how long each of your feeds last (breast feeding) as lengthy feeds can be an indication go not getting a proper latch and I feel I am feeding for quite a while these days!

Thank you

Walkinglikeazombie Mon 11-Jan-16 10:26:13

Hi OP, my little one is 7 weeks and her feeds lasts about 5-10 mins usually. We do also get some long feeds, but those are mainly in the evenings when she cluster feeds.
From experience with my first DD, long feeds are normal, as they go through growth spurts, or when she was teething she used my nipples for comfort and would be latched on for ages.
Do get your lo checked for tongue tie if you are concerned, but just wanted to ask, is s/he gaining on weight, producing enough wet/dirty nappies, settled after feeds? If answer is yes to them all then I wouldn't worry too much. Some babies are efficient feeders, some take longer, but all within 5-45mins is normal (said so by my mw so hopefully not giving out wrong info 😊).

bigchangesabound Mon 11-Jan-16 11:45:10

Thanks for replying. We are looking at 20mins plus all the time and it's sore again (though not as bad as at the start) and had a blood blister on one nipple! Weight gain has been steady and nappies seem fine. TT was picked up by my midwife at 10 days and she put in a referral but we moved before referral came through. New GP said as long as weight gain is fine they don't do anything so thought all was ok but a friend was visiting recently and noticed (her DD had it) and it got me thinking about it again.

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