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Help to stop breast feeding when won't take a bottle

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toastedbeagle Sun 10-Jan-16 19:29:55

My DS is 13m and been breastfed, tried and failed to get him on to formula / bottles but now he's struggling to settle in nursery (ie had 8 w of trial days, been phoned to come and collect within 1-3 hours as screaming inconsolably) and they think him not having a bottle isn't helping.

He has a 7am and 7pm feed and would only have 1 more day feed max (1pm before nap although today had none).

I want to go back to work but can't make plans as can't rely on him being in nursery 10 hours, which he'd need to be. My DD whose 3 settled in the same place fine, but would take a bottle from 8w although was breastfed for a year.

Any bright ideas?

Bryna Sun 10-Jan-16 19:36:02

Try offering him milk in a cup with/without straw, this helped me with all of mine, all were over a year old and none took a bottle! (Although they second one wouldn't take any milk, and never has, doesn't like any milk based products-even ice cream!!!)

Bryna Sun 10-Jan-16 19:37:08

Has he got a favourite cuddly/blanket or comfort object he can take?

Nottalotta Thu 14-Jan-16 22:13:06

Ds is nearly 6 months and won't take a bottle. I have been trying with a sippee cup instead and he got the hang of it today. Can he have milk in a siplee cup or beaker?

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