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Bf after FF

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kiki22 Fri 08-Jan-16 21:09:47

Has anyone managed to successfully bf after ff? With DS I was not to bothered about what to do after a traumatic labour and a death in the family at the same time when DS refused the breast and took a bottle I just went with it. This time I would like to try a bit harder to bf I hardly remember DS being born which makes me sad would like this time to be different. Will be requesting a section due to how traumatic giving birth was for me not sure if this effects bf??

I'm pretty much clueless about bf tbh

Cornberry Fri 08-Jan-16 23:30:21

I have a four month old - my first. I had a section and it doesn't affect breastfeeding. All I will say is that it's bloody hard work at the start and you really need to stick with it and help baby to get used to it, and be patient if it doesn't seem to be going well. It took a good six weeks for it to really get easier. And people say topping up is a mistake but I disagree, My LO was a bit poorly when she was born and the midwives insisted on topping up to avoid jaundice and dehydration - especially before the milk kicked in, and i topped up for the first few weeks and have exclusively breastfed since then. The first few days are tough. i had to have a midwife massage my boobs in the hospital and catch bits of colostrum with a syringe but i'm glad I stuck with it. Good luck!

PeppasNanna Tue 12-Jan-16 16:23:24

I only FF dc 1,2 &3. Never attempted to BF.

I mix fed dc 4 & 5. But by 6 weeks totally FF.

Dc6 EBF. In all honesty it was easy. I took it a day at a time. Nothing went wrong. Bit uncomfortable at times but nothing dramatic. I thought BF would be harder. I actually thought EBF was impossible. I EBF for 6 months. BF for nearly a year.

Take it onevday at a time. Relax & see how you go. Good luck.

daluze Tue 12-Jan-16 21:42:21

Kellymom is a good online resource to get an idea what to expect, especially in newborn stage. Also have the breastfeeding support numbers on hand.
Both my boys were born by C-section and both could not wait to latch as soon as they got out. So it does not necessarily mean the latching will be more difficult.
Hope your experience second time is much smoother! I had a very complex labour followed by EMCS and stay in NICU with my DS1, but ELCS with DS2 was smooth. I actually enjoyed first weeks at home, rather than everything being a blur. Hope it all goes wellbfor you.

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