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Rinceoir Fri 08-Jan-16 02:33:34

I've always been strict about nipple twiddling with my now 20month old but lately she has become very determined. It's not just at feed times. If I'm carrying her she will pinch and pull at my nipples through my clothes, and if we lie down for her bedtime feed she constantly pinches my breasts/pulls at nipples. On the occasional night where she co-sleeps with us- once every two-three weeks- she sill randomly pinch at them when I'm falling asleep.

It makes my skin crawl, I find the sensation so unpleasant and I become quite irritated/angry when she does it. I always take her hand away or give her something to hold without making a fuss but lately she has become very determined. Tonight she has a cold so let her sleep with us, and everytime I drift off I wake to her absent minded lily twiddling. I ended up getting really annoyed with it about an hour ago and have taken myself to the spare room. I'm angry with myself now for feeling so irritated with her. Can anyone suggest ways to stop this? I've tried nursing beads with no success. Would stopping breastfeeding help? Or failing that some industrial strength underwater?

NickyEds Fri 08-Jan-16 11:11:38

I can totally understand why you'd be angry and irritated and I think you should get annoyed with her when she does it! Hold her hand firmly and say "no".I'd be tempted to get industrial strength underwear and some polo necks. Sleep with your back to her or as you say move to the spare room. it would be a shame if you want to carry on bf to stop over it. It would drive me bonkers!

Rinceoir Fri 08-Jan-16 11:48:03

Thanks Nicky, she sleeps in her own room and cot most nights, just comes in with me if unwell or very unsettled like last night.

IrritableBitchSyndrome Fri 08-Jan-16 11:50:01

Almost 3 year old STILL does this. Drives me nuts. No advice, but I sympathise!

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