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My daughter has my PMT! 7 months old!!

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jbee1979 Sat 02-Jan-16 00:51:20

Not sure where to put this, but my daughter has been EBF and we're introducing solids. I had my 1st period 5 weeks ago today 28/11 and I noticed she was fussy but put it down to the first tooth that arrived 04/12.

She's been a complete nightmare this last couple of days, not sleeping, not eating, then cluster feeding, crying at everything (I sneezed, laughed, Daddy tickled her foot) completely overreacting to things she normally doesn't mind or finds funny.

Lo and behold AF started today. Is this linked? Or do you reckon another tooth is enroute and it's coincidental?

She reminds me of ME! I'm eating us out of house and home - but it's Christmas, but I haven't cried or had any cramps, and I have a copper coil fitted so no hormonal intervention. AF was a complete shock to me today - is it possible she's affected by it?

Thanks in advance smile

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