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Formula alternatives for potential allergy?!

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TwinMumma2 Fri 01-Jan-16 11:42:38

Hello all, smile

My two will be 9 months old on the 9th, and my girl it's perfectly fine and healthy and will eat and drink anything (weaned at 5 months, combi feed for two weeks initially alongside Hipp Organic).

My boy on the other hand suffered/suffers with reflux and I was told it will get better with weaning so we held out until 6.5 months before turning to the doctor for infant gaviscon.

This hardly helped so we went back to the doctors and was prescribed Nutramigen 1 and told it could be a lactose allergy. Back to the doctors we go as again, this hasn't helped, and the doctors we saw informed me the milk we were using prescribed by a different doctor wasn't lactose free, but cows milk protein free!! hmm

So......we're now on SMA lactose free and once again, no help! The doctors we've seen (3 in total) aren't fazed at all but I worry for my boy! He eats fine, we've been using lactose free cheese, milk with cereal and yogurts and they haven't came back up, it seems purely the formula. confused he'll even eat after his bottle, and when he's sick, its just the milk that returns, no food!

Is he too young to come off of formula even though he has a full diet? Could he have coconut, oat, lactose free milk etc instead? He only has two bottles a day.

Sorry for the major essay! blush

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