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Life after a tongue tie has been snipped

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hinkyhonk Wed 30-Dec-15 22:22:12

My Ds3 who is 5 weeks old has been diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie and we have an appointment to get it fixed on Monday. Is there anything I should know or do to prepare for the days and weeks after?

I'd like to think it will all be plain sailing afterwards but I'm sure there will be a curve ball or two around and it would be helpful to have some idea of what these might be and any advice on how to deal with them.

Of course stories of getting the tt sorted making everything wonderful are also welcome...

Latenighttv Thu 31-Dec-15 00:31:34

I would say ask someone with the right experience to check your latch after the tongue tie is fixed as this may still greatly affect his feeding, my son had his tongue tie fixed and I'm still working on a good latch

Loft653 Thu 31-Dec-15 02:31:08

My DD had her tongue tie snipped at 12 days (central, 70%). The procedure itself was simple and over with in a matter of seconds. After it's done we were advised to feed straight away after as this stems the bleeding (literally only one spot of blood anyway).

I'd agree on getting your latch checked afterwards, my DD can now feed much better and doesn't break the latch as often as she used to meaning less wind as well. She is also gaining weight now which she was struggling with pre procedure.

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