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4m old biting during feeding!

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youlemming Mon 28-Dec-15 21:22:32

My 4m old DD2 has 2 teeth and bitings at pretty much ever feed usually towards the end. I take her off and say no but for her any interaction at the moment is funny so she's not getting the right message from it, I don't expect too much understanding at this age.

DD1 had teeth at 5m but I can't remember having a biting issue and fed till 8m, I can't see myself doing that again if it carries on but as she refuses a bottle I haven't got an alternative.

What else can I do?

Topsy34 Tue 29-Dec-15 09:57:55

I would be thinking of 2 things, first one, how long does a feed last and at what point doe she bite? So 20 mins on, bites 15 mins in? At the point you would expect a bite, un latch, swop sides or relatch. Ds1 used to bite when he just about got the fast milk, and then had to work harder for more. A ee latch got him back on better

Second, avoid eye contact when feeding around the time of the bite, when she bites, gently pull her face into the breast, i just used my supporting arm (the one round the back and head) and bring it in toward me, they don't like the feeling and release the bite.

Also, dont forget, you are doing amazing, you are awesome and it will pass!

NickyEds Tue 29-Dec-15 21:13:12

Wait it out?? I've got a 5.5 month old dd and from about 3 months until just the last week she's been a little sod for biting! She started off biting toward the end of the feed and for that I'd just unlatch her but then she started doing it intermittently throughout the feed.......whilst smiling. It went along with a lot of other boob abuse - pulling off, scratching nipping- and whilst it's still not great it's got better. Tbh it's improved just in the nick of time as I was getting very down about it. I know that they're sometimes seen as a bit hmm but I also tried a bf necklace to distract her too.

youlemming Wed 30-Dec-15 08:24:45

I also get the boob abuse, scratching, pinching and hitting.
She will pull off during the bite so it grazes the whole nipple!
Yesterday after the morning feed she wasn't too bad, I hope it passes quickly as I go back to work soon and want the morning and evening feeds to be a nice time for us.

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