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Time between feeds question

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Evianbaby15 Sun 27-Dec-15 20:32:28

Dd has lost 7% of her birthweight and mw advised to not go more than 3 hours for feeds
But does that mean 3 hours between the end of one feed and the start of another?
Dd finishes some bottles quite quickly (20mins or so) and others take her almost an hour so not sure how to time the following bottle

LillyBugg Sun 27-Dec-15 20:35:19

I believe you time from the start of the feed. Hope someone else can confirm...

Luckystar1 Sun 27-Dec-15 20:39:23

Yep it's from the start of each feed.

This was not what I wanted to hear when I was starting out breastfeeding with blistered nipples I can tell you!

Good luck and well done, keep up the good work.

StrawberryLeaf Sun 27-Dec-15 20:42:06

Surprised they have you on a schedule at only 7% loss, usually up to 10% is considered normal.

Agree with others, it's from the start of the feed.

Luckystar1 Sun 27-Dec-15 20:47:51

Yes I agree with strawberry, it's well within normal range, so don't worry.

I put myself in the schedule as I got obsessed with feeding (now trying to get my 14 month old off the boob as I'm 9 weeks pregnant and it's not easy!)

You are doing a great job!

Evianbaby15 Sun 27-Dec-15 20:47:55

Thanks everyone
Seems like a silly question but only thought about it after mw had left
She wasn't overly worried just said to try not to let dd go more than 3 hours - I have a sleepy baby so she will sometimes go 5 hours without wanting another bottle. Mw is coming back in a few days to reweigh so hopefully dd will have put some weight on.

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