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Advice please - 15 week old loosing interest in BF through the day

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dawny85 Thu 24-Dec-15 11:57:06

I wondered if anyone else has had this with their little ones.
My son is 15 weeks old, he has been feeding great and gaining weight etc. Until the last week or so when he has lost interest in feeding during the daytime, not feeding for long. I have tried different positions, feeding dark room as he appears to get easily distracted and offering him the breast regularly.
He has started teething the last couple of weeks so not sure if this is causing him pain when he feeds or he just can't get comfy?!
He feeds well through the night, normally up 3 times and he will feed for about 15mins each time.
Any tips on how I can get him to feed a bit better through the day, hopefully to mean that I am not up quite so much during the night.

scandichick Thu 24-Dec-15 12:12:35

He could just have become more efficient? DD1 suddenly started feeding in ten minutes rather than half an hour at that age. She was a devil for the nightfeeds though, so no advice there...

dawny85 Thu 24-Dec-15 20:28:51

Ah of course. I had forgotten about that. Lets hope thats the case.
I think the night time feeds are here to stay, he settles really quickly so could be worse.

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