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Breastfeeding strike/Ill?

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MusicMum18 Wed 23-Dec-15 20:57:28

My lo is 8.5 months and it am breastfeeding. Currently feeding at 4pm then last thing at 8pm through the night which varies from just once to 3/4 times, then first thing in morning. Last night lo wasn't really interested, she just seemed to try to latch on, then just came off. She had a fairly good feed this morning, but then refused to go on at 4pm and refused again tonight.

I've just taken her to the doctor as she's had a rash, was worried it was chicken pox but it's in fact a viral infection. She's not eaten anything all day other than a small Greek natural yoghurt and some water. She's had half an hour nap all day so is shattd, crying and needy poor thing. So I've been cuddling her all day poor thing giving lots of mummy love.

I'd love to comfort her by bf but don't know why she doesn't want to feed. I feel like I want to give her that comfort to help her so it's frustrating. When she had a cold a couple of months ago she fed loads and it seemed to help her. I thought babies bf more when they were ill?

Is there any need for me to express when she's not feeding? I thought milk was always available for babies for as long as they want it, so presumably if she doesn't take for a while then decides to take again, the milk will be there? I've just hand expressed which took ages to give her during the night if she won't take from me. But do I need to express?

Don't know what to do please help!

Topsy34 Fri 25-Dec-15 17:39:58

I wouldnt bother expressing, you may find a decrease in supply but is lo starts up again your supply will increase.

If you think your supply is really slowing, then i would express

raisin3cookies Fri 25-Dec-15 17:47:02

I would keep gently offering, perhaps take a bath together or attempt a dream feed when she's sleepy enough to accept. If you are on FB, you might find a local LLL group to join and get some good advice. It sounds like you are giving her plenty of love and attention, so I'm sure she is happy having you near! Do you think she is dehydrated?

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