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Feeding aversion, silent reflux, cmpa

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xhayleyxx87 Sat 19-Dec-15 09:05:19

My daughter has been diagnosed with cmpa at 9 weeks old and silent reflux! After many doctor and hospital visits they finally got her on ranitidine and omeprazole and carobel to thicken the milk. The pain of the reflux is all under control now shes on the right medication and neocate milk. But all this has led to her having a feeding aversion, i weaned her early at 17 weeks as her feeding is so poor, she will eat food, but is a nightmare to feed from a bottle. It takes about 2 hours every feed, its a nightmare! I feel so sorry for her i feel useless sometimes as i know how important it is for her to have milk and stay hydrated! Has anyone been through this and found anything has helped? Or know of a feeding specialist etc? Thats all the consultant, dietician and healthvisitor say is to keep perservering but i feel its getting worse noy better! She wont drink water or anything either

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