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Any experiences of really quick feeders?

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FifiFerusha Wed 16-Dec-15 22:33:42

Hi all.

So my DS is currently 4.5 months and has been a distracted feeder since 3 mo. Now he feeds on wake ups from naps( before would only feed asleep). He seems to have 5 breast feeds a day, and a 7 oz bottle at bedtime, plus an expressed bottle of 4 oz at dreamfeed. In the day he will feed two to more like three hourly, depending on naps, for four minutes, sometimes one side, or if I am lucky a few more minutes on both. Other times he comes on and off for twenty minutes, quick gulp here or there. When he feeds quickly it is like there is sudden let down, and then a few massive gulps and then enough. Just wanted to hear experiences from other people reg. quick feeders as always feel he doesn't get enough even though he is following his centile(25th). Cheers.

Nb. My first daughter always fed for aaaaages. Can supply, let down of milk differ from baby to baby.

Scotinoz Thu 17-Dec-15 02:15:48

I've had two quick feeders. Even as newborns, they fed for about 10 minutes and it just got quicker. Both on the 75th percentile, and once they past the cluster feeding phase went a decent stretch between feeds.

A girlfriend recently mentioned her second baby is a much quicker feeder than her first, and is tracking fine

Perhaps supply does change...wouldn't worry too much if they're growing nicely.

Scotinoz Thu 17-Dec-15 02:16:52

Oh, and they both only fed from one side at a time hmm

cathpip Thu 17-Dec-15 02:24:51

Same here, dc3 and 4 were very fast, 5 mins max and they were done. Both tracked a centile quite happily so I was not fussed.

MumofAAndE Thu 17-Dec-15 02:26:15

Both mine BF really quickly ( few minutes) usually on both sides. The eldest was a 95 percentile massive thing, the younger average. I think BF babies get what they need & your supply reacts. They're in control

Joskar Thu 17-Dec-15 03:06:05

Dd1 used to take forever. Dd2 is much faster most of the time although she still has at least one really big feed every day. Believe in the boob.

NickyEds Thu 17-Dec-15 14:06:50

My dd, 5 months, is exactly the same- around 5 bf and a bottle of f a day. She'll take both boobs but is rarely on for more than 10 minutes in total. Ds would feed for hours so it's been quite a shock but she's having plenty of dirty/wet nappies and growing well so she must be getting enough. I have very little confidence in my bf after ds so I worry that she isn't getting enough milk but she's very happy and settled so she must be!

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