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weeks 2-3 breastfeeding

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Loft653 Wed 16-Dec-15 16:54:14

Hi everyone

My DD is now 16days old.

On Sunday (day 13) she started feeding at 2pm and basically fed continuously until 4am at which point I was pretty much broken and DH took her to try and calm her. When I say continuously, she immediately got distressed if she wasn't on my boob - it wasn't a case of an hour in an hour off.
On Monday she was fine during the day feeding once every 3ish hours but started again at about 7pm and wouldn't stop until about 4am when DH took her again.
Tuesday she was again fine during the day and last night she slept really well just feeding for 20-30mins every 3hrs. I thought the previous two nights must have been a growth spurt and was relieved.

Today however she has again been on my boob all day, she screams the house down if she comes off. I'm worried she won't settle tonight and I'm exhausted!

Is this likely to still be a growth spurt and if so how much longer can I expect it to last?!

I've tried holding/swaying etc to calm her but she smacks her lips and starts sucking at my top so it's clear she only wants one thing! I don't really want to give her a dummy as I worry it will affect how well she latches.

She did have a central tongue tie that was snipped last Saturday, the lactation consultant thinks my latch is fine and I'm (amazingly) not sore/cracked.

Any tips appreciated!

kbro79 Wed 16-Dec-15 17:20:33

Have you been told not to use dummy cause of the tongue tie? If not it might be worth a go? My DS is a massive feeder and massive comfort sucker so a dummy has kept me sane and hasn't affected breast feeding at all.

Cluster feeding is so hard isn't it? Massive downside of breast feeding. But will get much easier soon.

Loft653 Wed 16-Dec-15 17:49:59

We were told the tongue tie doesn't affect use of a dummy, we just have to be extra careful to sterilise it if we do use one.
I was nervous as the midwives and HVs go on so much about how important it is to let them suck in the early weeks to get milk supply up (I feel like I will be able to supply half of England soon!).

When did you start using a dummy kbro?

kbro79 Wed 16-Dec-15 18:01:25

I was a bit naughty and did on day 6 which was probably a bit early however when I was signed off by the midwife I told her how much baby was feeding and she suggested dummy and that was when baby was about same age as yours. Breastfeeding councillor I saw also suggested. I think general rule is if after first 2 weeks it's ok. I find my baby won't take it if he's hungry so I still fed (and too be honest still do) a lot but dummy gave me a little bit of breathing space and helped a lot at night.

Pollyputhtekettleon Mon 21-Dec-15 08:51:48

I folded and used dummy on day two. No problems with supply. But baby doesn't love the dummy, it just helps with wind and fussiness sometimes.

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