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Does my 1 year old drink too much milk?

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GloGirl Wed 16-Dec-15 13:37:54

Weaning has gone well, he has 3 square meals a day and I try and give him a snack when I remember.

We've switched him onto cows milk so it's only really occurring to me now I can see the milk in the fridge rapidly disappearing just how much he's having.

He's on the 90th centile and does weigh as much as a baby elephant but is perfectly in porportion.

He's having around 35-45 ounces of milk a day. 1x 9 oz bottles mid morning and 1x 9oz mid afternoon and then 3x 9oz bottles at night - bedtime, midnight and 4am.

I've been wanting to night wean him so I started to try and increase his daytime food and milk and I think all its doing is giving him more milk.

He's happy enough, but I wonder if anyone had words of reassurance or advice flowers

NickyEds Wed 16-Dec-15 14:49:09

That is a lot of milk! It is recommended that a one year old should have no more than 12-14oz of milk a day so 45oz really is a lot of milk. My ds was only night weaned at 11 month and he had 2x7oz bottles a day-one morning and one at bedtime- at one. Does your ds feed to sleep, so the bottles coincide with naps and bedtime?

GloGirl Wed 16-Dec-15 15:17:16

He does feed to sleep, but more often drinks his whole bottle sleepily, complains it is finished and gets shhd and rocked back to sleep. On the third wake up at 4am I think he's genuinely hungry as sometimes he's awake so long and grumpy he has two bottles!! He is often up for 1-2 hours, which we manage by rocking and shhing and silently begging him to go back to sleep.

Realising just the bad habits we are into. Will start upping food like eggs, peanut butter, cheese etc see if it helps. Bit more wholemeal toast. He's not a massive breakfast eater, sometimes he'll eat a whole bowl of porridge and at other times complain after half a weetabix.

He's a funny one with what he eats, his favourite thing is Ella's pouches and I've had a brainwave this week that perhaps they're not as filling as I've hoped, but I do always do them with some finger food.

We stopped giving him a snack nearer bedtime because if he ate after 6pm and had a bottle of milk he would throw it all up so we've been wary. Lumpy vomit is so much worse!

I love asking for help on Mumsnet, not only for the responses but I really work through my thoughts as I'm typing!!

NickyEds Wed 16-Dec-15 20:15:51

I don't really think that the Ellas pouches are very filling at all. I used to use them if we were out and about, but only the 6 month+ ones that were quite smooth so he grew out of them pretty quickly (by 8 months ish I think). By 1 he was typically having ;
-breakfast-1 weetabix with a fruit puree pot thing and a banana
-snack- crumpet/apple/pear
-lunch- 1 slice of toast with beans/scrambled eggs/cheese+ fruit
-snack-slice of malt loaf/fruit
-tea- shepherds/fish pie and veg, stew, broccoli, cauli and macaroni cheese-a good sized portion
+ 2 bottles - one of which he dropped shortly after turning one.
Looking back I'm quite jealous of his one year old diet now he's a fussy two year old!

I'd definitely try replacing the mid-morning and mid-afternoon bottles with snacks.

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