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11 week old not feeding well

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amolpali Mon 14-Dec-15 17:50:10

Hi, My baby girl is 11 weeks old. She is not feeding well since last 3 weeks. She doesn't want to bottle feed anymore. She is breastfeeding just less than 10 minutes with each feed, probably 5 times a day. We are spoon feeding her but to top up but She is hardly having 30 ml milk with each feed with lot of struggle. We take 50 ml and she wastes around hald of that so I said she is taking 30 ml with each spoon feed. Not doing more than 2 spoon feed per day. If we try to give more she spit it out and once we tried to give around 40 ml she took out the entire milk. I think It's not milk which is problem because same thing happen even if we spoon feed her breast milk. GP has got no clue. SHe gained just 50 gm weight last week. Initially she used to gain 250 gm per week , then she reduced to 100 gm per ween and now just 50 gm. GP has still not got any clue. Health visitor advised to correct the little tounge tie my baby has. But this doesn't explain why she doesn't want to spoon feed and why she doesn't feel hungry. I heard baby of her age should be taking at least 80 ml per feed. But mine is taking less than 30 ml per feed. Any suggestions?

daluze Mon 14-Dec-15 23:54:45

Maybe someone more experienced comes along, just to say that the amount she takes from spoon or bottle does not reflect on what she gets from breast. It is not uncommon for breastfed babies to refuse a bottle (even if they took it as newborns). She may be efficient fast feeder - my both boys hardly ever had longer than 10 min feeds after about 10 weeks of age.
Otherwise, do a lot of skin-to-skin to encourage breastfeeding, in a calm place, maybe when she is sleepy. Does she feed at night at all?

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