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Getting my baby back on the breast

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GoldAlmond Sun 13-Dec-15 19:44:32

After a rocky start with BF I exclusively expressed for 2months (combined with occasional BF eg 1feed every 2days but sometimes less often as baby rejected breast a lot). He's now 3months.

2days ago I managed to get him back to BF (a long battle of wills and lots of screaming each time until he realised bottle was not an option). Now he is accepting breast and BF happily without fuss. I give him a bottle last thing at night (expressed milk) as it helps him sleep through and his 6am feed is also a bottle.

Problem is I think I have oversupply as my breasts are agony and engorged. When will this settle? He feeds from breast every 1-2hours and I block-feed to prevent lactose overload. I'm expressing with a hospital-grade pump morning and night (used to be every 4-6hours when EE).
Should I express more? I don't want to empty them too much in case he doesn't get enough.
Also is it normal for a 3-month-old to feed every hour? He used to have a 150ml bottle expressed milk every 3hours.

tiktok Mon 14-Dec-15 12:43:32

GoldAlmond, great that you battled through and got your baby back to direct breastfeeding smile

Not sure I understand what's happening.

What does 'Should I express more? I don't want to empty them too much in case he doesn't get enough' mean?

GoldAlmond Mon 14-Dec-15 16:14:47

Sorry my post was a bit jumbled, typing while BF! I meant should I stop expressing in daytime now he's feeding from breast, or do I need to keep expressing to keep up supply and reduce gradually? I'm worried if I express as well as BF there won't be enough milk when he BF. But he only feeds from one breast each time so the other is painfully engorged waiting for next feed!

Ridingthegravytrain Mon 14-Dec-15 16:53:25

I would stop expressing (if you are sure he is feeding) as babies are way better at getting milk out than a machine so if you do both your boobs are going to keep producing to keep up with this 'demand' and you will keep getting engorged

tiktok Mon 14-Dec-15 17:11:02

Yep - agree with Riding. Your baby is now feeding well, and it sounds like you are over-stimulating with the expressing.

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