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Conceiving whilst breastfeeding

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babybutbfing Sat 12-Dec-15 22:35:45

I was going to post this on the conception board but it intimidates me slightly blush have NC for this.

DD is 6 months. Wasn't particularly planned but not unplanned iykwim - it was just kind of "let's just see what happens", not actively TTC.

Recently I've been thinking about our second baby and I'd like a smaller gap than I initially thought. (Obviously DH has to be on board too!)

I'm still bfing DD and my periods haven't yet returned. My cycles have always been a bit weird anyway - really long, usually around 35-40 days. Easier to keep on top of when I was using a tracking app. Considering I once went 6 months without a period when I'd been on the pill it wouldn't surprise me if they don't come back for a long time.

Has anyone experience of conceiving, or TTC, whilst still bfing? I'm starting to think we could just stop using contraception (we use condoms only, nothing hormonal) and see what happens again... But I guess we could still be waiting a long old while!

Focusfocus Sat 12-Dec-15 23:09:08

Hi there's a conception forum on mumsnet with specific threads ongoing about ttc while bf and you will find plenty of experience there to make notes from. Good luck!!

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