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How does mixed feeding work?

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Stampynono Wed 09-Dec-15 11:21:08

This is DC5. I ebf my other 4, but DC3+4 completely refused the bottle, even if expressed milk, so I wanted to make sure this baby took a bottle as I am going back to work at 6months and I have a few commitments that require me to leave her for a while.

She is now 6 weeks and edging towards refusing the breast completely. She has had some periods of screaming in the evening and I have given her breast milk I had built up when my supply is plentiful, when I ran out o have her formula. When she is screaming she seems starving and will not accept the breast.

Her weight gain isn't great she has gone from 50th centile to 25th, which leads me to believe she is hungry and my supply isn't great.

So those that successfully mix feed, how does this work?

Shall I buy slower releasing teats or are these a waste of money?

I don't want to give up bf but at the same time I won't let her scream with hunger, especially when her weight gain isn't great.

NickyEds Wed 09-Dec-15 13:36:52

I'm mix feeding dd (5 months) now. She isbf most of the time but has a bottle of f at bedtime. We chose bedtime to be the ff and introduced it very slowly (she took less then 1 oz for a couple of weeks) at first and now she takes a bottle fine. we use Mothercare innosense bottle but with the slowest teat- not specifically to keep bf but because she choked on the faster one.

We had something similar with the screaming in the evenings and it was over tiredness despite me being sure it was a bf problem- might sound like a silly question but are you sure she's hungry not tired?

Stampynono Wed 09-Dec-15 14:24:15

When I was giving in and giving her a bottle she would take the whole 4oz and the slow weight gain makes me think it's the breast that is pissing her off rather than being tired

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