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How much does your 1 year old eat?

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SleepForTheWeak Wed 09-Dec-15 08:01:24

Hi, just looking to see how much your one year eats, how much milk they take, and what kind of things they like to eat.

My DD is 13.5months and on a typical day will have

Breastfeed : 6.30am

Breakfast : 7.15am, 1-1.5 weetabix with milk and fruit purée also a small bowl of Ella's breakfast hoops soaked in milk, or a few bits of toast (while I eat my breakfast!!)

Snack: 10am, toast/mixed fruit/crackerbread with Philadelphia, organix corn snacks

Lunch: 12pm, sandwich with ham/cheese/chicken, eggy bread, leftover dinner from previous night or soup with bread soaked in. Also a cup of blue milk.

Snack: 3pm (depending on her nap she doesn't always have this snack) can be anything from previous snack options.

Dinner: 5pm, macaroni cheese, sausages chips and peas, mince and potatoes, omelette with cheese ham and peas, roast chicken dinner etc etc. Pot of yogurt for pudding.

Breastfeed : 6.15pm.

She's generally a good eater but like every child has days where she's off her food and days where she is a bottomless pit.

How does this compare to what your LO eats?

Always looking for inspirations for different foods!!

Artandco Wed 09-Dec-15 08:13:06

There's more meals than mine are at that age. At 1 year mine roughly had:

8am breastfeed

9am breakfast. 1/2 bowl of porridge or some scrambled egg and mushrooms ( smallish portion), some Greek yogurt.

11am breastfeed

1pm lunch. Soup and bread, or leftovers from night before, or similar.

4pm snack. Cup of milk, with some cheese/ blueberries/ banana/ houmous/ bread sticks or similar ( tea plate size)

6pm breastfeed

7.30pm dinner. Anything from lasagne, to roast, to fish. Tea plate size. Some Greek yogurt maybe

9.30pm breastfeed.

Artandco Wed 09-Dec-15 08:16:28

Oh and mine have never really liked potatoes. Main meals here are generally some meat or fish marinated /or with a sauce or dressing, with several vegetables. Sometimes add rice/ quinoa/ pasta

anotherBadAvatar Wed 09-Dec-15 08:31:21

Pretty similar to DS. How big is she? Are you worried about her weight in any way?

DS is 13m and on the 98th for weight and 91st for height. He is slightly different as he has a dairy allergy so I have to make a lot myself (but then batch cook and freeze for him)

Waking: 6-8oz milk (he has oatly)

Breakfast: scrambled egg, weetabix, ready break or eggy bread, pancakes (at the weekend)

10am: rice cakes, fruit or biscuit

Lunch: avocado on toast, baked potato and beans or tuna, chicken sandwich, boiled egg and toast etc. milk

3pm: snack things

Dinner: chicken with cannellini beans (he loves this- a Jamie Oliver recipe, look up crispy chicken or something), chilli and rice or dhal (both made non spicy), sausage and mash, fish goujouns fingers, cottage pie, fish pie, Spanish tortilla, meatballs, spag Bol, pasta with chicken and broccoli. Fruit afterwards or bananas and custard, rice pudding or jelly with fruit.

6:30 6-8oz milk

Despite all the home cooking, his favourite resolutely remains birds eye potato waffles. blush

Good books I've found are the Ella's kitchen ones and river cottage baby and toddler book. Obviously I have to adapt them to DS's diet, but good starting points for meal ideas.

SleepForTheWeak Wed 09-Dec-15 08:40:46

Thanks - she was weighed a couple of months ago and was the 75th for weight and 50th for height, although she's been that for quite a while , and HV suspects a stretch of height soon (still waiting haha).

She's not keen on veg - I offer most dinners but she just picks it out or throws it off her tray. She loves tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce though. Will continue to offer veg as sometimes she just realises things are actually quite tasty if she tries them often enough.

Was thinking about dropping bedtime breastfeed as its really close to her finishing her dinner, but it's good for calming her down before her bath so not sure.

Will look up that crispy chicken recipe - thanks!

anotherBadAvatar Wed 09-Dec-15 08:50:15

I cook a small handful of mixed frozen veg and mix it in with his mashed potato, he loves the mash so much that he will eat the veg. Or the MN tried and tested way of blending sauces to sneak more veg in. If I make spag Bol for example, I grate in loads of courgette and carrot, and once it's cooked down he doesn't notice it.

Found the JO recipe- here. Great as it can be chucked on earlier in the day and forgotten about.

HalfStar Wed 09-Dec-15 11:36:26

7.30am Breastfeed
7.45/8am bowl of Ready Brek
10.30am snack of some description: fruit, toast, pancake, babybel cheese etc
1pm lunch, usually a hot meal like chicken casserole, beef stew, tomato& vegetable pasta or something
3.15pm (ish) snack, usually a Liga biscuit (she has me trained blush) and a cup of milk
5pm/5.30pm dinner, usually another hot meal, lentil stew or rice and salmon&peas or something, with fruit and/or yoghurt after
6pm/6.30pm breastfeed (usually not so bothered about this one)

And a breastfeed at some point during the night.

She seems to get hungry quite a lot - doesn't necessarily eat massive portions but seems to need to eat quite regularly. I'm pretty happy with her diet at the minute (knowing it could all change quickly). I definitely do the grating carrot and courgette into sauces thing.

13 months.

Rinceoir Wed 09-Dec-15 11:43:41

My DD at one year would have had-
730- breastfeed
830-breakfast offered but generally would have about a quarter slice of toast
1030- snack- raisins/piece of orange etc
12- lunch main meal either in nursery or home- usually would have about 2 spoons
1430- snack again fruit/rice cake/malt loaf- usually refused
1700- tea- eggy bread/another dinner/pasta - usually a spoon or 2
1800- breastfeed
2000- breastfeed.
I nearly tore my hair out due to her refusal to eat! At 19 months she eat really well, she had 2 bowls of porridge this morning at 830, an apple and she's now looking for lunch! But she only really got into food about 3 weeks ago

TesticleOfObjectivity Wed 09-Dec-15 11:51:31

Your dd eats a lot more than mine from the sounds of things and mine is 16 months. I'm jealous!

Like a pp I also put veg in mash potato. I make a sort of ragu style sauce with loads of blended veg (tomates, leek, celery, carrots, onions, peppers, courgettes, green lentils) then mix portions in with mash potato and add a bit of full fat cream cheese. Sometimes I also mix in some spinach or sweetcorn. Dd loves it.

She also really likes chips - we do white and sweet potato sliced, usually pinged in the microwave for a bit to soften then crisped up in the oven. She has had roasted butternut squash too which went down well.

TesticleOfObjectivity Wed 09-Dec-15 11:53:04

Rinceoir your dd sounds just like mine! I'm glad to hear things have got a bit better for you. There's some hope out there!

Rinceoir Wed 09-Dec-15 12:01:15

Yes it's so hard isn't it Objectivity. I don't think anything really helped, she just got there in her own time, but I'm concerned it won't last! She seems to like sprinkling cheese on top of things so if we give her beans/pasta I grate a little cheese and let her sprinkle it on- that seemed to encourage her. But honestly I tried everything- I would have her "help" in kitchen but she would just make a mess and then still refuse to eat. We went on holidays in September and she ate practically nothing for 10 days, wouldn't even have ice cream. And she wouldn't touch cows milk, or even expressed milk in a cup/bottle, wouldn't have yoghurt which I thought all babies loved. It was just like a switch flipped a few weeks ago and she realised food was nice!

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