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11m old nursing 10 times a day....

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harrowgreen Tue 08-Dec-15 18:48:37

I'm still nursing baby #3 at 11m. I nursed the other two to 12m and then stopped (had to stop with #1 since I was about to have a big operation and stopped with #2 to get my cycles back and fall pregnant again), but each of them were down to just two feeds a day by then.

#3 however is nowhere near that. She nurses at least once a night (not counting her 4.30am feed) and then at least 10 times a day, if not more. If she doesn't get the boob she howls and howls.

Her solid intake is ok: fluctuates from day to day, but generally she does well.

She's very tiny for her age (still in 6-9m clothing) but developmentally is doing absolutely fine (almost standing on her own, babbling beautifully etc). She's a social little thing and has no problem being with other people.

I have no desire to stop nursing entirely until she's ready, but this constant need for the boob is driving me crazy, as well as being very restrictive on me since I can't be away from her.

Any advice? Ride it out??

NickyEds Wed 09-Dec-15 13:43:27

Does she have plenty of water in a sippy cup? Maybe she's thirsty?
What is she like if you're out and about a lot-will she be distracted from feeding so it's just a comfort/at home thing?

LaurieLemons Wed 09-Dec-15 13:59:17

Have you tried expressing and giving it to her in a bottle? If you can get her used to that at least a few times a day will hopefully free you up a little bit more. Does she use a dummy? Does she actually want the milk or is it more of a comfort thing?

TesticleOfObjectivity Wed 09-Dec-15 14:34:44

Mine can be like this, especially when teething so you're not alone op. She wont have a dummy either.

What's worked for me is spending a long day out of the house at various groups and the park and keeping her distracted that way. And just not worrying so much as they all develop at different rates. Also if you want to get some time away from her, she can function without the boob as much as she might want it or need it. So don't let it stop you going out and getting a break while someone else looks after her. I make sure she has plenty of water and sometimes when she starts pawing at me will get her water and she'll have some and then forget she wanted a feed. Or I will get her a snack of yoghurt or something. She can easily go rthe whole day with no feed vur when she's teething badly it can be like having a newborn so I do know how frustrating it is. They will get there eventually though.

gamerchick Wed 09-Dec-15 14:39:00

It's largely not about milk so expressing (if you can at that age, I certainly couldn't get a drop out at that stage) into a bottle won't satisfy the need for comfort. Formula is about feeding only, breastfeeding covers a lot more than that.

My last was a booby monster, it's fine in the house but being out and about he would usually be distracted enough.

I would like to say it settled but he was always like that right until we stopped. It does drive you a bit nuts I agree.

NeedsAMousekatool Wed 09-Dec-15 14:42:49

Mine was is like that. Its definitely a comfort thing. If we're out and busy she won't look near me unless she's hurt or exhausted. If we're at home and she's having to amuse herself she'll be pulling at me all sodding day. I'm starting to try to distract her by any means necessary because I've had enough of being pulled at when I'm trying to get things done.

That wasn't particularly helpful was it. Sorry.

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