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Milk in food, ideas needed!

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Whatthefreakinwhatnow Mon 07-Dec-15 09:47:47

Hello all,

Following on from my previous post, my now 6 month DD flat put will not drink milk. I've tried it in every cup,bottle,beaker and with/without their lids but she just won't drink it. Water yes, milk no sad

I am therefore trying to get as much milk into her in food, and make her porridge in the AM with 3oz of formula, and make things like cheese sauce, rice pudding and custard with it too to get a bit more in, but we are nowhere near getting the full recommended 20 oz into her sad We used to be able to dream feed her 3oz or so at each nap but she's cottoned on to that and now won't take any.

Please wise mumsnetters, give me your best ideas to help me get my baby to somehow eat 20 oz of milk a day as I am really struggling hmm

nothanksbyenow Mon 07-Dec-15 09:51:04

How's she eating? Because it might be she's getting all her nutrients from food. My 2 were bottle refusers from 6/7 months, and hasn't find them a bit of harm (eldest 5 years, healthy, swims, quite switched on).

nothanksbyenow Mon 07-Dec-15 09:51:39


rudolphistheboss Mon 07-Dec-15 09:51:41

How about a vegetable soup thickened with milk? Scrambled eggs and omlettes. Pancakes. Yorkshire puddings. What about yoghurts? Full fat natural yoghurt with fruit puree or mashed banana. Frozen soft fruit and milk smoothies presented as a ice pop to suck (also nice for when teeth are causing discomfort).

GreenSand Mon 07-Dec-15 10:07:08

Yoghurt, cheese, macaroni cheese, cauliflower cheese, pancakes (savoury and sweet), homemade icecream, lasagna, fish pie with milk in the sauce, and mash. Fish with parsley sauce. Jelly can be made with milk in place of the water once the cubes are dissolved. Custard and rice pudding, as mentioned. I make pizza dough with flour, yeast and milk.

Good luck. I have no idea how much milk mine had at any age, the 20oz is a guide. Some will have more, and some less.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Mon 07-Dec-15 11:03:55

Amazing, thank you so much everyone!!

DD1 was breastfed so I never knew how much she was getting, if she'd just drink a bit I wouldn't worry but she won't at all.These are all amazing suggestions though and will definitely ensure she's getting plenty of milk through her diet instead grin

Off to the kitchen I go smile

anotherdayanothersquabble Mon 07-Dec-15 13:37:59

Nutrition is complex and nutrients come from many sources. The book in the link gives great information on sources of nutrients.

My DD refused milk, yogart, any wet food. Turns out she is dairy intolerent!! No issues as she avoided it herself. We get calcium from other sources!

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Mon 07-Dec-15 13:57:29

thanks another, I'll check it out smile

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