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11 week old DD cluster feeding and not sleeping

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Plantpot83 Sun 06-Dec-15 12:26:44

DD is 11 weeks and EBF. She has never been a good sleeper however having introduced a bottle of expressed breast milk (after feeding all evening) before I went to bed she would usually have a 3 to 4 hour sleep followed by a 2 hour sleep then around 1hr30 which I could cope with. However for the past two weeks she has gone down to only sleeping in 2hr or 1hr30 slots (sometimes less) and feeding all night. I have started co-sleeping with her to make it easier for myself and last night she seemed to eat constantly. I have stopped giving her the expressed milk at night as it doesn't seem to make any difference which makes me think that this isn't really a food issue. She just seems to want to eat all the time. She does appear to be going through a growth spurt however I can't believe that it would have lasted this long. In the day she can go for 2/3 hours between feeds and is generally pretty content. Still poos 5/6 times in 24 hours. I have tried to make sure that she is eating more in the day, giving her bottles of expressed breast milk but this made no difference. I got her into a bed/bath routine when she was 3 weeks old, however had to give it up because in the evenings it's like she has never eaten enough so I can't put her down! She is quite a big baby, 80th centile.
I had thought that she was at the breast for so long because she has a small tt however from bottle feeding her I can see that she is actually hungry, for example I left her with DP this week for the evening and from 7pm-11.30pm she drank 3 5oz bottles of milk, went down at midnight and woke up every 1hr30mins to feed. I have tried not feeding her when she wakes up but she just gets really upset.
I know that everything is pretty much normal with a breast fed baby, but has anyone had this and will it stop at some point? I really don't want to supplement with formula but I'm reaching the end of my tether.


tiredybear Sun 06-Dec-15 19:29:01

That sounds really tough!

My DS is 8 months and went through phases of just feeding constantly at night (and during the day!) when he was younger. Definitely linked with growth spurts and it got better (ish! - now it's every 2 - 4 hours). I'm now trying night weaning, giving water for one of the feeds. Think your DD may be too young for that yet though.

Maybe you could get DP to carry on doing some of the feeds so you can get a bit of sleep?

It WILL get're doing an amazing job to have carried on BF for this long with such a hungry little one. WELL DONE!

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