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Distracted daytime feeding

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Nottalotta Thu 03-Dec-15 03:47:32

Even at home but muvh much worse if I am out. Refused to feed all day today even though i was out 10 - 4. Literall fed for minutes and that was a struggle.

At home is easily put off. If i eat, drink, read, watch tv, twiddle my hair he comes off and watches. Covering him doesnt help.

Feedingg a lot at night as a result which is nightmareish.

Anything i can do?

icclemunchy Thu 03-Dec-15 03:58:54

How old is he?

NickyEds Thu 03-Dec-15 13:42:54

Is he 4 months old? I bet he is. My 19 week old dd is a nightmare of nosiness, fussiness, grabbing, twisting, biting.....I could go on. It's especially bad when the toddler is also in the room distracting her so she's been having her best feed whilst he naps but even then it's very hard. Hoping someone who knows what they're doing comes along!!

MagpieCursedTea Thu 03-Dec-15 13:51:33

Have you tried a breastfeeding necklace? It gives their hands something to do and keeps them focused on the right area.

icclemunchy Thu 03-Dec-15 20:51:11

Haha Nicky I was going for 4 month fussies too. I found it easiest to just go win it and if DD was too on and off I'd just distract her for a little while then try again

GoldPlatedBacon Thu 03-Dec-15 21:32:37

My 4 month is doing this! I just keep shoving my boob in her face on a regular basis hoping that every little suck week eventually add up grin

BumWad Thu 03-Dec-15 22:17:40


My DS is still like this at 27 weeks. Feeds like a dream at night though.

Nottalotta Fri 04-Dec-15 04:12:09

He is indeed 4 months old! Its a bit of a nigghmare as he doesn't nap well but is fairly happy if fed. Now though if we go out he ends up tired AND hungry. And feeding all bloody night.

I don't have a bf necklace, guess its worth a try. I have had a bit of success giving finger to hold but he's just too interested in all the lights/people/stuff.

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