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Lip tie?

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KaluzaKlein Tue 01-Dec-15 13:35:30

In a bid to discover why breastfeeding hurts so bloody much, I've been poking around in my little chap's mouth.

Possible lip tie? I know there's not always concordance between the degree of tie and function...

youlemming Thu 03-Dec-15 22:31:42

I was wondering about this myself, DD has a tongue tie that caused issues early on but with help from the bfing clinic we found better positions to overcome it.
The other day I noticed she had the same as in your picture, was going to ask the doctor next week when we go about something else.

PeppasNanna Thu 03-Dec-15 22:36:41

2 of my dc have had lip tie & where you have a lip tie, your very likely to have a tongue tie.

Ds never latched on. Eventually had surgery at 6 when hsbing other dental issues dealt with ( extra set of teeth!)

Dd bf for a year fine. Bit uncomfortable but changed positions & was fine.

yasmine111 Sun 06-Dec-15 16:39:25

Hey Kaluza, According to dr Ghaderi 99% of all children with a lip tie have a tongue tie. You might not be able to feel it but they can have a posterior tie that is not easy to detect for midwifes and gps. I have a 5 week old that could not latch on properly and lost loads of weight(lets not even talk about the nipple pain!). The midwifes couldn't find anything (i saw 2 ppl from the infant feeding team) but I could feel a small bump under his tongue(I'm a dentist so I know whats normal and whats not no matter what the mv were saying). Finally went private to the tongue tie clinic in london and had a posterior tongue tie confirmed. Had it snipped at 3 weeks. Now the feeding is much better and he has gained so much weight. Its not perfect and we are working on the latch smile . I would def seek help if I was you because its not just about the pain but most importantly if our babies is getting enough milk.... Check out the the tongue tie support group or infant tongue tie uk on FB.
Just to clarify my baby had the tongue tie fixed and not the lip tie. Lip tie is an indicator for tongue tie ....

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