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Struggling with expressing/bottle intfoduction

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Nottalotta Sun 29-Nov-15 07:43:48

DS is 4 months and ebf. It took me a while to get the 'hang' of expressing and can still only get 2oz at a time. Did this a few times though and DS took the 2oz from a bottle. He refused it once but then took it a few dats later. Thinking about having a couple of hours/half day break every now and then so would like him to reliably take a bottle. Expressed 6oz over 3 days. Totally refusing bottle now. Have tried a coupke more times but finding it so discouraging to tip this hard won breast milk away.

Loathe to shell out on an expensive pump if he refusing the bottle anyway.

Any suggestions? Hes a sporadic feeder so not as if i can feed him then leave him for 2-3 hours.

StrawberryLeaf Sun 29-Nov-15 09:26:28

My dd is 5 months and I've not bothered with a bottle at all, gone straight to a cup, we are using the doidy. It takes a bit more time and practice than a bottle but they need to get used to a cup soon.

You can freeze the milk you dont use, rather than put the whole lot in a bottle that then needs chucked why not just put a very small amount in the bottle then keep topping up if he's taking it.

My GP mentioned if I wanted to practice with bottles just use cooled boiled water but I never did try and I know bf babies don't need water.

Nottalotta Sun 29-Nov-15 10:15:55

Thanks, I've got a tommy tippy sippy cup which says 4m+ on it so might just got for that instead. Don't know why i hadn't really thought of it!

I suppose i just was pleased he took the 2oz several times and wanted to see how much he would take - so i had an idea of how much to leave him with. Currently have no idea!

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