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Breastfeeding and intolerances help!

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LJH79 Sat 28-Nov-15 16:55:47

My baby is now 17 wks and we are constantly having difficulties with him being very fussy feeding. We can go for a week or two with no issues then back to him writhing around and kicking legs and generally seeming uncomfortable. I have been dairy free for a long time as dd1 had cows milk allergy. I have stopped and started gluten and wheat a few times and am convinced now this does affect him but also wondering about corn. He has had explosive stools from birth and GP has now referred to paediatrician as he has tested positive for possible lactose intolerance and malabsorption even though he is growing fine. Anyone else had issues with lactose intolerance or other intolerances from things they have eaten. Worried I am going to be told to stop breastfeeding due to the lactose issue. Any advise appreciated.

Hotpotpie Sun 29-Nov-15 21:21:23

Hi, not sure how much I can help but my eldest is lactose intolerant. If you have cut out all dairy you will be providing a lactose free diet already to my knowledge, it's much much easier to manage than CMPA

birchwoods Fri 18-Dec-15 22:45:19

Can I ask how they tested him for intolerance? My dd is suspected to have cmpa as she has mucousy blood in her poo (but no other symptoms) so I've gone dairy free. It's only been six days but I've seen no improvement yet so wondering if there's a more definitive test for allergy than exclusion diet.

Is you baby gassy? Do you have an overactive let down or oversupply of milk at all?

What symptoms of cmpa did your dd have?

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