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advice on quick getaway with 2 month old BF baby

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Focusfocus Thu 26-Nov-15 05:54:09

I'd appreciate some advice on this please! DH and I have been toying with the idea of a quick oversight two day getaway to the Christmas markets in Birmingham when our BF baby is 2 months old next month.

The drive to BG is about 2.5 hours from us and we plan one major stop on the way to break it up.
The hotel we have booked is in the middle of the centre/markets etc and baby is okay with both sling and pram.
Not sure this info is important but - I've got great supply on tap, can pump 120 mls in about 15 mins, Baby takes EBM in bottle happily and will grudgingly, in a pinch, take Hipp organic in a bottle.
We plan to stay in the centre, and come back to hotel for lunch and tea and dinner and to feed baby with 2 hour bursts in the Christmas markets. Will have the sling and my nursing cover with me of course and make cafe stops if baby demands food.
We've been to these markets last year so know how it all lays out.

Does this seem feasible? Or should we call it of? It's our first trip away with baby and our first baby so I maybe overly cautious!

BikeRunSki Thu 26-Nov-15 05:57:21

Sounds fine.

Rosa Thu 26-Nov-15 05:58:53

Sounds pretty well lrganised to me!!! ,

Onsera3 Thu 26-Nov-15 06:00:53

Sounds absolutely fine. In my experience/opinion it's not the feeding that's the trickiest in these situations- it's having to deal with a poo explosion!

Doublebubblebubble Thu 26-Nov-15 06:03:01

Of course you can do it!! Do not call it off. The way I've read this (only just woken up) is that the journey is 2.5 hours...

Could you not feed baby before you get in the car and then have baby sleep whilst you are travelling?? You have a gap in-between just in case so IF baby woke up you'd be covered.

When my DD (now 6) was about 6 weeks old we went up to Nottingham to visit family (about a 4.5 hour journey) and she slept the entire time... Your baby will be fine and honestly you'll feel better for the trip away x

Doublebubblebubble Thu 26-Nov-15 06:03:59

Also agree with onsera poo will be the problem here lol x

Focusfocus Thu 26-Nov-15 06:05:13

Oh wow! Thanks. I just declared to DH before bed last night that it would never work and we would call it off today. He went to sleep with a sad face, as did I! Okay, it seems you lot are positive about it so will go for it!!

Focusfocus Thu 26-Nov-15 06:06:19

Yeah he poos once a day sometime between 5-8 it seems but we shall be armed with all poonami related supplies and hope toilets in cages are available at the right Ike in case he deviates from his schedule :-)

amysmummy12345 Thu 26-Nov-15 06:09:15

Plenty of restaurants/cafes etc around for both feeding and changing xxx

magpie17 Thu 26-Nov-15 06:16:58

You will be completely fine, I wouldn't have given a 2.5 car hour journey any thought at 2 months to be honest. At 10 weeks old I took my DS to Italy on holiday - 3 hour flight plus 2 hour drive at the other end - and all was fine! You are actually easier BFing in this scenario as making up bottles on the go can be a faff and you need to cart loads of stuff about. We managed it fine though but BFing would have been easier.

Don't give it another thought, feed before you leave and when you arrive and while you are there just carry on as if you were out and about at home.

redcaryellowcar Thu 26-Nov-15 06:19:49

It's a great age, babies this age are very portable, as sure he'll be happy provided you are nearby and feed when he's hungry! You seem resigned to your schedule being flexible around feed times, so you'll be fine! I agree with pp, go armed with a few spare nappies, changes of clothes, and although I don't think we ever needed it, I always took spare sleeping bag and pyjamas/ sleep suits as knew if a nappy leaked, it would be tricky to wash and dry.
You can have a bath with baby, or ask hotel for bath mat, so no need to baby bath.
Sounds lovely!

Focusfocus Thu 26-Nov-15 07:19:18

Cages?! Cafes I meant!!! Thanks for the reassurance!!

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Thu 26-Nov-15 07:28:44

Sounds fine...just took my 2 year old and EBF 4 month old on a day trip to Birmingham Xmas market on my own on the train. Took pushchair and sling, fed/changed in cafes etc. It was fine.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Thu 26-Nov-15 07:30:19

And we took them both on holiday to Wales when baby was 2 months. 4 hour drive so had an overnight stop on the way and way back too. It's much easier to do it these things when they're BF!

SoupDragon Thu 26-Nov-15 07:37:22

I not sur who'll need a stop on the trip TBH. when the DCs were that age, we u see to drive to Wiltshire from London without stopping. they were fed, changed, put in the car seat and off we went. They woke up at the destination and were fed and changed again.

Being out and about should be fine too. It just means more stops for hot drinks and cake smile Somewhere like a McDonalds or any fast food chain is good for an emergency nappy change as they usually have a baby change table.

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