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3 month old distracted during bfing

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IsYourNameMichaelDiamond Wed 25-Nov-15 11:48:06

If he spins his head round without unlatching again I think my nip might just come off! We're in a quiet calm place with no distractions - what else can I try?

Nottalotta Wed 02-Dec-15 05:19:57

No expert but my DS did this for a while. He's mostly stopped now! He's 4 months. Still gets distracted but lets go. :-)

BusyCee Wed 02-Dec-15 06:51:09

Get a beaded necklace (in a string lace) that he can tinker with while feeding. Sympathies, it's a right (and literal) pain...

BusyCee Wed 02-Dec-15 06:51:41

Nope. 'On a strong lace'

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