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feeding/winding cycle aaagh

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Lemonfizzypop Tue 24-Nov-15 22:50:48

So the support workers at my local breastfeeding cafe said that breastfed babies don't get wind...but my baby does! She's 2.5 weeks and quite often I'll feed her to sleep, put her down and then she'll wake up writhing around with wind. If we wind her she'll do quite a few burps but then I can't seem to settle her without feeding again?! Which she'll then need winding for...

What's the answer? I'm not sure why she's getting so much wind, her latch is good.

Any advice MUCH appreciated, I'm tired and I'm sure she is too!


mintbiscuit Wed 25-Nov-15 23:56:09

I might get flamed for this but I don't buy into the whole wind thing. At 2.5 weeks old most babies do not want to sleep anywhere except on the boob and/or their mum. They are unsettled if they are anywhere else. Totally normal. They feed almost constantly to build supply and also for comfort. Your dd sounds like most newborns. I would go with the flow and offer the boob whenever she wants it. All of mine slept on me for at least the first 6 weeks! Sounds like you are doing great with responding to your baby's needs so far smile

tiktok Thu 26-Nov-15 07:55:19

Whether 'wind' happens to bf babies or not ( and to say they never get 'wind' is a bit dogmatic, IMO)....what you're describing is normal young baby behaviour smile

She might be 'writhing' but not sure how anyone can know it's wind. Babies writhe when unsettled and in need of comfort and closeness. Burps might or might not happen. All babies burp, and crying itself can cause babies to swallow air.

It's fine to feed her again when she is unsettled and uncomfortable. Sounds like your expectations might be a wee bit high? Newborns don't usually feed and then sleep in a crib or basket as predictably as some people think they should. Your baby's behaviour is normal and what most babies do smile
This will pass as she gets older.

Lemonfizzypop Thu 26-Nov-15 09:43:31

Interesting opinions on wind! I guess the way she's writhing just made me think it must be wind but maybe it's just not being near me! We've started pretty much co sleeping now anyway, if she wakes I can get her back off to sleep by rubbing her back. Makes me wonder how people get the first few months NOT co sleeping tbh! She'll sleep in her cot sometimes but only if I sneak her in very very slowly..then I can get a quick shower in grin

Solongtoshort Fri 27-Nov-15 06:15:14

Thanks for posting this I came to read this section because I had a similar question. My 2 week old dd will sleep in her basket apart from night time. When she is awake from like 4am, we as a family are tired. I find of I let her snuggle on me while I pat/rub her back she burps and sleeps better .

ISeeIt Fri 27-Nov-15 06:55:07

Both my babies definitely needed burping (both bf) - they would writhe if not burped after a free and then projectile vomit after their next feed (where a pocket of air had got trapped underneath, so I'm told). That stopped at around 5 months for both too, but the only way we could prevent it before hand was to burp every feed. I'm a wind believer!

ISeeIt Fri 27-Nov-15 06:55:36

After a feed not a free

youlemming Fri 27-Nov-15 07:36:03

Bf babies definitely get wind, I wind after each breast as if I don't she will start feeding but keep on pulling off and wriggling as it's uncomfortable to feed on top of wind and will end up bringing it back up when she burps.

We also had the night time issues and she did sleep on me for the first few weeks, it did settle down and now I can feed and not wind for that last one as long as she's winded well the feed before.

squizita Fri 27-Nov-15 22:22:48

At that age many babies struggle to burp (I've been told by 3 separate trained sources). It can cause discomfort. It isn't just about being close to mum ... Mine was "worn" and still squirmed hence I sought advice.
There is a baby yoga pose called "tiger in the tree" which helps and pedalling their legs can bring out air the other end!
About 3 or 4 weeks mine starred to burp and never looked back! A nice warm back rub and she'd get it up!

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