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Nursing vest

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SnozzberryMincePie Mon 23-Nov-15 22:14:17

Can anyone recommend a nursing vest top with a support 'shelf', and which is suitable for the big of boob (32j since my milk came in shock. )

I had some last time around which I wore for bed without a bra (in the daytime I just wear a nursing bra and normal vest top). I had to chuck them away when I stopped bfing as they had gone grey and saggy. I thought they were from mother care so I bought some more from there, but the new ones have a double layer so when you unclip them you also have to poke your boob through the tiniest little hole - no use at all as the hole is too small for my nipple! So I am looking for some without the double layer, and not too £££.

Thanks smile

WhenASuitcaseJustWontDo Mon 23-Nov-15 22:15:58

I bought some in primark a few months ago for very little, may be worth having a search in there.

SnozzberryMincePie Mon 23-Nov-15 22:17:37

Ooh thank you, I was hoping to order some online though as we haven't made it out of the house yet...

Eminado Mon 23-Nov-15 22:19:33

H&m - i hope i have understood what you are looking for!

donkir Mon 23-Nov-15 22:22:02

I also got mine from h&m they come up small tho. I'm a size 12 and 32e and had a medium and it was and is still 9 months later a bit tight.

guinnessgirl Tue 24-Nov-15 09:42:28

My best ones were from H&M.

SnozzberryMincePie Tue 24-Nov-15 09:44:44

Thanks for the tip, I had a look on ebay and managed to get an h&m one for £4 so worth a go. It was a medium though, so hopefully it will be big enough. I was a 12 before pregnancy too.

KatharinaRosalie Tue 24-Nov-15 11:12:00

Bravissimo PJ tops have a very supportive bra, and while they're not nursing vests, the ones with straps (not racerbacks) can easily be used for feeding. Check the sales section, otherwise they are a bit pricey.

WitchSharkadder Tue 24-Nov-15 11:20:53

Also came on to say H&M, I'm a size 12-14, 34 F and the medium was a perfect fit for me. They're really comfortable and I'm still wearing them 2 years on.

SnozzberryMincePie Tue 24-Nov-15 13:30:08

Thanks again, a bravissimo one might be an option once I can get into town to try one on.

SnozzberryMincePie Wed 25-Nov-15 19:23:54

So the one from ebay arrived except it wasn't a nursing top at all, just a pregnancy one with no clips for feeding, grr. So I am going to order some new from h&m to be delivered, and based on your feedback I'll get a large as I'd rather they were too big than too small.

Thanks all.

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