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4 week old baby with bad wind/colic - also tongue tied?

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Chris1989 Fri 20-Nov-15 23:34:44

Hi all, firstly sorry, I'm 'invading' mums net as I'm a dad not a mum 😊

Our baby boy is 4 weeks old today and he's really struggling with wind. He's been formula fed from birth (although for 3 days he was fed through a tube as he had an air leak on his chest and they didn't want to work him too hard), and was on SMA for 2-3 weeks.

He was really good with his bottles when we were in hospital, he was drinking 120mls most feeds and his wind wasn't too difficult to bring up and it didn't bother him much. When he was nearly 2 weeks old he was discharged - we were in hospital for that long as he was breathing fast and they wanted to be sure it weren't due to an underlying condition, which they've ruled out). When we were home is when he seemed to suffer more - he was crying a lot after feeds and would be absolutely full of wind, which was very difficult to get up. Sometimes because he was so distressed he'd only have 60mls or so rather than 120+ which he usually has.

Since then we've tried Infacol, Colief, Gripe Water and Dentanox but nothing has worked (Infacol relieves it_slightly_). We also changed his bottles to Dr Brown which again has made a very slight improvement, but he's still struggling and crying most feeds.

We realised he was sucking his bottle really hard so we changed him to level 2 teats which at first made a HUGE improvement, but sadly he's gone back to suffering 😟 We've also changed him to Aptamil incase SMA was the cause but again it doesn't seem to have worked.

When he was born we noticed he was tongue tied, not a huge deal of course but after doing some Googling I've realised that this can sometimes cause wind problems - has anyone had experience of this?

I'd love to know anyone's winding techniques too, we've tried the usual 'sitting up' technique as well as over the shoulder and laying him flat on his belly.

tiktok Fri 20-Nov-15 23:49:16

Poor little man sad poor mum and dad too sad

I expect you have had loads of advice and your heads are spinning.

Are you sure it is 'wind'?

Are you sure he needs that much at a time? 120 mls per feed is more than some babies take at this age. Would he be fine taking 50 mls and feeding (obviously) much more often? And would you be ok about not 'fighting' to get more down him at a time? Sometimes when babies have a difficult start, feeding becomes a very anxious time, marked by worry about making sure the baby gets enough, rather than following the baby's lead.

Just speculating. What does Hv think?

Hope things get easier.

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