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Switching to formula / back to work

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Noneedtocry Tue 17-Nov-15 21:50:08

Hi all - DS is 5 months. He was EBF to 12 weeks and now has a bottle of formula before bed and occasionally one during the day. I'm going back to work in Jan when he'll be 6.5 months and DH will be taking over. We're planning to use December while we're both off to move DS daytime feeds to formula and start weaning. I have a few questions that I was hoping those with previous experience might be able to help with...
Firstly is it realistic that I'll be able to continue to BF at night and first thing in the morning? DS feeds once over night and then at around 6 and then around 8. I'd like to continue these 3 feeds as BF (for the last month or so he has been REALLY fussy with daytime feeds - arching, pulling off, feeding for 3 mins per side max - but the nighttime morning feeds have been fine). Is it likely my supply will keep up to allow to continue these feeds when I drop the daytime ones?

Also when DS is sick / teething will I still be able to occasionally BF him with increased frequency if that's what he needs to settle or will my supply not be able to cope?

Lastly has anyone who has done this got any tips for settling an upset FF baby?... When I'm at home with DS if he gets upset I can always give him some comfort suckling ... DH won't have tha option and I'm just not sure what you do in this situation without a boob! Or if there is something I should do now to break this habit in preparation to make life easier for DH.

Any advice / experience welcome!

SouthYarraYobbo Wed 18-Nov-15 06:55:20

I'm having to bottle feed dd2 and the boob for comfort thing worried me to as that's what l did for dd1!

But l bought a dummy for dd2 and it works fine. I hold her close to me and stick the dummy in and it mimics the bf so it works.

Can't help with your supply question as l went back to work later and dd1 was fully weaned from bf.

moggle Wed 18-Nov-15 09:42:14

I don't see why you couldn't continue just those feeds - that is how my DD dropped down feeds although that started later. Now she's 12m and has a feed first thing at about 7:30am and then just before bed at 6:30, followed by a bottle of whole milk (was formula before her birthday). Best to do it gradually to avoid too much discomfort, so a good idea to do it over December. I'm not exactly sure how you'd do it gradually in this situation (my DD just had a bit less at each feed and then dropped it). Maybe starting him on the boob and then switching to bottle halfway through so he has a bit of BM to keep you comfortable but it starts to tell your boobs that he doesn't need as much milk at those times. Then decrease the time on boob. Hopefully it won't upset him to be switched!

My DD sometimes wants extra feeds - she was sick this week and only wanted BM - and sometimes she goes through phases of waking in the night and it's the easiest way to settle her. It's not usually a problem although if it goes on more than a few days my supply adjusts upwards again but settles down once things go back to normal.

The comfort thing... It's not that helpful but your DH will find ways of sorting it himself. I remember when DD was about 6m she was generally being a real pain in the evenings and needed several BFs to fall asleep. I was desperate for a break so went out for a meal and film with my friend. DH had an awful time with her but ultimately she was being cared for by her dad, she wasn't ill, and she eventually fell asleep after a couple of hours of crying. Not ideal but no harm done and I stayed sane!
He might be a bit old to introduce a dummy if he doesn't already use one.

Noneedtocry Wed 18-Nov-15 15:36:34

Thanks ladies that is helpful. I am trying not to be too directive with DH and assuming he'll find his own way... Though it's a struggle sometime. Luckily DS does take a dummy now

TheHelpfulHiker Wed 18-Nov-15 15:50:23

From about 6-9 months (DS is now 10 months and completely FF) I just breast fed for the morning and night feeds, even dropping the night feed towards the end. I found that my supply adjusted up and down really well, you will certainly have enough milk if you want to add another feed. As for the comfort issue, I don't really have an answer. DS never had a dummy, he likes cuddles though and since my milk has gone it's easier for me to settle him as he's not looking for a feed. I was worried about how it would all work but you find a way.

maygirl Wed 18-Nov-15 23:30:44

Agree with the others saying its realistic to carry on with some bf. My DH settled our bf babies by putting them in a baby carrier and walking fast! We had an ergo.

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