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Thick poo bf baby.

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imwithspud Sat 14-Nov-15 17:25:55

Dd2 is exclusively bf and will be 6 months on the 27th. Seems to be gaining weight well, got her weighed for the first time since she was newborn a couple of weeks ago (much less worried about weight gain than I was with dd1) and she has dropped a centile but they weren't to concerned as she might have just evened out over the past few months, they said to come back in 4 weeks just to ensure she's gaining. She's definitely growing as her clothes are gradually getting smaller and she will soon need moving up a size.

Anyway on Thursday (I think, all the days tend to blend together at the moment) and today she has had stools which aren't like the usual mustard-y type colour. Instead they have been thick and slightly paler than usual - quite a lot of it too, literally filling the whole nappy. I'm just wondering if there could be a reason for this or if I should be concerned? I'm wondering if it's teething related or possibly a stomach bug that's been going round (both me and dd have had it and it caused unusual stools in her too). She's having wet nappies as normal. I had a quick Google and couldn't really find anything. I'm tempted to see the health visitor on Tuesday (next baby clinic) but in the mean time I was just wondering if anyone else experienced similar.

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