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Breastfeeding and teeth (ouch!) Advice?

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lizanne135 Fri 13-Nov-15 08:58:58

I need any advice please on how to continue breastfeeding now DD has her first tooth. She's just about to turn 6 months so we are going to start food this coming week (thinking of bringing it forwards today!).
She was fine for the first week if her tooth, but now, on the same nipple towards the end of a feed she will nibble and bite it and it's reduced me to tears last night and now this morning. Teeny bit of blood too sad so I've had to find the tube of Lansinoh again and get the breast pads back out so I don't have greasy nipple marks! I love breastfeeding and had envisioned being able to do it till around 18months, it's my fail safe backs up plan for whatever is wrong with her!
I really, really don't want to go down the expressing and bottle feeding route, mainly as I feel we battled though those horrific first two weeks as a newborn and have been doing brilliantly, and also for practical reasons as we are gearing up to move house.
So have any of you experienced this? And what did you do? Any tricks?

AnnaMarlowe Fri 13-Nov-15 09:05:23

Stop feeding as soon as there is any biting. Gently touch their mouth and say 'no biting'. Wait a minute and go again.

It's frustrating but they get it eventually.

Seeline Fri 13-Nov-15 09:08:15

Both mine had 2 teeth at 4 months - yes it bloody hurt grin
If the yelp of pain doesn't make them unlatch, then unlatch, remove from breast say 'no' firmly and wait a moment before re-attaching! It does work. I carried on to 15 months with DD and she had loads of teeth by then.

FoodPorn Mon 16-Nov-15 14:01:54

My DS was a biter too! The most useful thing for me was knowing that the baby has to move its tongue out of the way to bite you. I realised that he only bit at the end of the feed when he wasn't really feeding anymore. He'd always pause before hand - you can see it coming. I got to the point where I could quickly whisk my nipple away before he had the chance to bite.

Good luck! I managed to feed him to 18 months - the biting didn't become a bit issue.

lizanne135 Wed 18-Nov-15 14:57:47

Thanks smile

Yeah Foodporn, I've discovered that she will bite towards the end when she's not really feeding, and you can tell when she is about to like you say as she has to move her tongue out the way.

So far we are managing with the pull off and 'no!' Fingers crossed!

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