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Breastfeeding - when will the troubles end??

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CheersBigEars1 Thu 12-Nov-15 19:58:12

I'm 13 weeks into beastfeeding DS and still struggling with the boobs. i have a very enthusiastic right boob which seems to go into overdrive every week or so. I end up having to express to relieve the pain and allow DS to feed. Recently I've also been suffering from a bout of blocked ducts which has necessitated frequent feeding which hasn't helped matters although I have managed to clear the blockages okay.

It feels like things will never regulate as the longer DS goes between feeds the more difficult it is to manage. Its so uncomfortable I can't sleep at night, despite DS sleeping soundly!! Can anyone suggest a way to down regulate one side only or reassure me that things will sort themselves out naturally?

BertieBotts Thu 12-Nov-15 20:00:08

You're just on the cusp! Things should definitely start to settle over the next 2-3 weeks. They tend to up feeds again at about 4 months anyway, as there is a big growth spurt then and some babies have a sleep regression.

CheersBigEars1 Thu 19-Nov-15 15:22:30

Thanks so much for the encouragement! I'm suffering from painful engorgement again this week. DS is feeding much less frequently now which seems to make things worse. Had to wake him to feed again last night...I just wish my body could get the message!

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Thu 19-Nov-15 15:27:48

It does get better I promise. I had the same except mine was on the left.
Do you have a pump? Could you pump to relieve pressure & just take a minimal amount of milk rather than feed?

Diggum Thu 19-Nov-15 15:30:48

It will get better! The less your DS feeds the more clearly your right boob will get the message.

Maybe hand express a teeny bit to relieve discomfort but the less stimulation the better.

CheersBigEars1 Thu 19-Nov-15 15:54:30

Thanks guys! I am hopeless at hand expressing but do have aa electric pump (thank god) which I do use but am paranoid about increasing supply. Weirdly it's my left boob that's decided to go wild this week, It's very red and tender. It's just so good to hear that it should pass eventually. God knows what weaning will be like otherwise!

CheersBigEars1 Thu 19-Nov-15 15:56:42

And yes I think I will set up for pumping in the night, really don't want to disturb the wee ones sleep!

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Thu 19-Nov-15 15:57:36

If your boob is red & sore could it be mastitis?

CheersBigEars1 Thu 19-Nov-15 16:23:57

Hmm, don't think I have any other symptoms so I thought it was just the pressure, can mastitis cause engorgement? terrified of mastitis.

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Thu 19-Nov-15 17:37:50

If the engorement doesn't settle after feeding / expressing it could be a symptom of mastitis. When I had it I also felt unwell, had fevers, red boob (just the one) and pain.

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