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Oh god, now he will only feed before, mid point and after naps...what do I do.

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FifiFerusha Mon 09-Nov-15 22:05:23


Have put a few threads on here recently about my fussy feeder and am trying all I can but I can't figure it out. My DS is now 16 weeks. Feeding has changed in the past few weeks.mstarted with arching , fussiness, latching on and off etc...I had been feeding him every two to three hours as I found it hard to read his cues and it felt like a good routine. Anyway, I relaxed away from this when problems started and now he is wildly communicatin constantly trying to eat my shoulder, moving his body to find the breast but when he gets there he still arches, comes on and off, and shouts(new found screechy cry) So I have now discovered that the only times he will feed is if he is really sleepy before a nap, or half way throug a nap when he starts sucking his thumb( previously he would usually wake up, a 45 minute napper, now I feed and he will sleep for another 10 or so) or at the end of a nap. . But this is hit and miss. Today I have fed him only in this way despite times when he has shown very obvious hunger cues when he is not tired. I have offered him the breast at these time but he simply arches and shouts a bit. I saw the doctor today as his vaccinations are due and didntwant him to have them in case he was poorly or something. Vacs were delayed but doctor says there is nothing wrong as he e is only experimenting with his upper body strength by arching and is literally learning how to say no.

But, he is feeding so much less than before, and when he does now it is only for 3 mins or so if I am lucky or a sleepy feed, comfort suck, feed, comfort suck. He has never fed to sleep previously and we had a good thing going with helping him to self sooth. . Just so scared this feeding issue is now going to affect all the hard work I have done with helping him sleep. Sorry for long post guys, but is this a phase. ? . I seriously can't feed out and about now if he is too distracted and I have a DD to consider. . Feel gutted sad

FifiFerusha Tue 10-Nov-15 19:58:35

Oh dear, same again today. Anyone else's LO do/done this? Poor thing keeps trying to eat me but tenses up when it comes to latching ?? Please be a phase smile

icclemunchy Tue 10-Nov-15 20:02:11

Sounds like the 4 month fussies. He can see a bi further, hear a bit more and gets reactions from people from doing things. He wants to eat but life is just soooo interesting atm. It seems to be quite common within he LLL group I go too.

Do you have a bf support group or la letche group you could go too? That way you could maybe get some reassurance that everything is fine and maybe some tips to get through it

poocatcherchampion Tue 10-Nov-15 20:03:35

Is it wind?

FifiFerusha Tue 10-Nov-15 20:17:21

Will have to check out the bf groups near me, would be good to get reassurance.

I also thought it could be wind as he is a little bag pipe. I spend a lot of time winding him and less time feeding these days. Infacolmdidnt improve this but now he is bigger is letting out bigger burps. It may well be distraction, in which case I am hoping he will grow out of it. Just strange that he really tried to get an extra feed from me at tea time. He was just sat on my lap and kept turning his head to latch on to me through my top. Thought, great opportunity, but as soon as I lay him in the feeding position he arched. ???

badg3r Tue 10-Nov-15 20:24:36

Can you feed him sitting up facing you if he's arching when you put him on his back? Has he done a poo the last few days? Yes to him being more nosey and less interested in keeping his eyes on he prize too!!

FifiFerusha Tue 10-Nov-15 20:43:31

I have tried doing that a few times but he didn't take to it. Will persist though. He poos a lot (two quite runny today) which obviously means he is getting is just such a struggle though. Keep saying to myself at the end of day, 'well, it might be a better day tomorrow'. Think I have been saying that for a couple of weeks. Mind you, his weight gain is ok so maybe I am just fussing smile

CheersBigEars1 Fri 13-Nov-15 10:56:57

My DS does can be like this particularly in the morning. Feeds beautifully at night but daytime feeds can be a struggle. I use a white noise app on the phone which helps to calm him down and keep him latched on. He also doesn't seem to feed very much these days (14 weeks) but seems to be gaining okay ...

FifiFerusha Fri 13-Nov-15 14:33:43

Reassuring to hear someone in the same situation although I know it is frustrating. My problem continues and interestingly have tried the white noise thing too. I have managed to try and time possible feeding with waking up predictions. .as even if he shows cues he just won't feed.He also isn't feeding much and has gone from waking once a night to every hour to hour and a half after midnight. Half of which he wants a feed. .guess the four month regression is here. . Aaaaaaah x good luck let's hope this phase passes, and quick please x

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