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really fussy keeps latching and unlatching on boob?

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spillyobeans Fri 06-Nov-15 21:27:16

Ds is 4 and half months, we introduced bottle (expressed and formula) at 6 weeks and he took to it fine, up untill the last couple of weeks he has breastfed fine and bottlefed fine.

But now when hes on boob he gets really fussy, contsantly latching and unlatching, crying when he comes off and goes straight back on only to pull off again (usually with force with my nipple still in his mouth!). In the end after battling for 30 mins breastfeeding i made up a bottle and he guzzled 9oz!

My question in: is he just being fussy or do i not have enough milk and hes hungry so getting frustrated? (Up untill now ive had plenty of milk, hes 91st centile and hardly ever had formula up untill last few weeks which i fear has ruined my supply?)

It makes me feel so sad that he may prefer bottle to me. It doesnt help as well with family members, who have never breastfed, saying things like you obviously dont have enough for him etc.


FifiFerusha Fri 06-Nov-15 22:14:46

My DS is 3and a half months and has been doing this so watching this thread. I also give him a bottle at bedtime and dream feed. He will go on and off for five minutes, suckle for two, then cry, then want more and the cycle repeats. This is mainly in the morning. However things are a bit better today after gaining some advice. I think my DS is teething so applied cal gel before feeds, this has helped sometimes but for not all feeds. Also relaxing and not feeling intruded by the refusal. They pick up on it I think. I have tried to just cuddle him with the breast on offer with no force for a few minutes almost coaxing him before I then go onto to try and latch. This has been the best method as since he has wanted to feed in his fussy way all afternoon. Guess it is his way of having a growth spurt. But, worth trying out the above. I have also offered the breast when he is sleepy so he can have a comfort suck. .dont get me wrong, he doesn't necessarily take it but sometimes he has and I feel he is relearning the closeness of breastfeeding. Haha. I may eat my words.

Also, I never considered that it might be my milk supply and thought that supply and demand might account for the bottle.

Good luck and keep me updated x

spillyobeans Fri 06-Nov-15 22:16:26

Ah thanks i will try

EsmesBees Fri 06-Nov-15 22:20:03

Mine went through a similar fussy stage. I remember it being very annoying at the time and worrying about my supply. But it passed on its own and she went back to feeding normally again. She was bfed but had one bottle at bedtime which was always guzzled.

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