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Very lumpy right boob. Ouch.

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EvanMom Sat 15-May-04 11:17:02

I dropped my final breastfeed after 9 months last week so have not breastfed at all for 10 days. We weaned from 6 feeds a day to none in just under a month. I was fine for a few days, but now my right breast is unbelievably lumpy, mis-shapen and painful (but only painful when touched i.e. when I pick up my sons and give them a cuddle. EEEKkkk ).
Will this lumpiness subside or should I express (I don't want to make more milk though!)
What warning signs should I look for for mastitis? I never had this problem when stopping feeding ds1.

shrub Sat 15-May-04 12:15:17

have you tried savoy cabbage? put in fridge then in your bra - they dramatically reduce milk supply. also bathe in hot water with few drops of lavender and chamomile oil/teabags on the side thats not draining for as long as you can. hot compress/flannel soaked in the same and stroke down firmly towards nipple to try and drain lumps. hope your feeling better soon.

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