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Bf becoming unpleasant

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NickyEds Mon 02-Nov-15 15:15:58

Dd is 15 weeks old and, with the exception of some minor issues bf has gone well, she's gaining weight ok and seems to be getting enough. However over the last week or so she's become very fussy and feeding her has become really unpleasant; she'll thrash her little legs and arms around, latch on and shake her head around (this hurts), she grabs handfuls of boob and pulls at my boobs, she's started to bite mesad(dreading her getting teeth!). I think a lot of it is down to her just being more interested in everything but it's becoming more like a wrestle than a bf. Just a phase? Any advice on how to stop it? Indicitive of a problem (supply maybe)??

tiktok Mon 02-Nov-15 16:29:07

It sounds totally behavioural, Nicky, and within normal, too....I think most bf mothers experience occasional periods like this, which normally last no more than a few days. Sometimes, it may be because the baby doesn't actually know what she wants - show interest in the world, or feed, or both??? The resultant confusion ends up in the baby being cross and extra fussy.

It passes.

MagicalMrsMistoffelees Mon 02-Nov-15 17:05:39

This'll sound really obvious and I apologise if you've already thought of this but could it be as simple as wind?

What you describe sounds exactly like how all three of mine reacted when they had wind. I would sit them up, rub their back for a moment, they would let out a big burp and we'd carry on.

The other time they might do this is when they had a blocked nose. Feeding would disturb their breathing so they'd fuss on the boob.

NickyEds Mon 02-Nov-15 17:31:04

Dd lets off magnificent burps so I'm not sure it's wind!

I really hope it does pass-my boobs are so sore. I've had to trim her nails right down as I'm covered in little scratches.

The hv suggested leaving her longer between feeds (she feeds around every 2 hours) so that she's properly hungry and won't "mess". I'd normally ignore her as she's notoriously useless but my sister said the same thing.

Is she too little to understand if I pull away when she bite me?

circlelake Tue 03-Nov-15 07:12:11

I think if she's hungry and you try to get her to wait longer she might get even more frantic though! So I'm not sure your hv is right.

Maybe the opposite, offer early and/or try as quiet an environment as possible? I know dd is worse when her siblings are charging around and she keeps popping off. She probably settles best to feed when she's a bit sleepy.

I've a 20 week old and I think she's got a little better. Still a bit distractable but not getting herself quite so worked up. I was having to try and get her latched on while walking round the room and then sitting down!

I'm not sure about the biting as I'm only getting the little hand squeezing me at the moment, she's just biting everyone's hands if she gets them.

tiktok Tue 03-Nov-15 09:13:00

I don't understand the HV's advice, either.

Best to follow you dd's cues - don't insist on feeding her if she shows she is not interested, or if she persists in fighting.

She is a little young to understand about biting being linked to being removed from the breast, but if you are kind and persistent with it, it's worth trying and you're not doing anything wrong if you do it.

Skiptonlass Thu 05-Nov-15 21:35:21

Purely from a 'protecting yourself from claws' point of view, I found wrapping my little guy in a sheet helped - otherwise his tiny flailing furious little paws are in the way/clawing at my boob (ouch.) I now tuck the bottom arm under my armpit and secure the top one with a muslin.

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