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Return to work & continuing breast feeding

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COYGL12 Thu 29-Oct-15 10:08:27

Hello all smile

My daughter has been breast fed on demand since birth. Never had formula or a bottle. She's down to a morning & evening feed & one during the day. Eating 3 good meals a day.

She's coming up for a year & will be going to nursery for 2 long days. My want is to continue the morning & evening feed & send her with some expressed milk for during the day. My questions are:

How much milk do I express & send?
What kind of bottle do I send it in? Sippy cup? Soft top? Flip straw (she uses flip straw for water)
Do you have any advice of what to expect? Ease of your children taking or not taking to it?

Thank you so much in advance & so sorry for the rambling questions smile

CMOTDibbler Thu 29-Oct-15 10:29:12

I'm guessing you will only be expressing once a day at lunchtime, so just express all your milk then. DS had expressed milk for ages, and the quantity stayed the same per feed at about 140ml.

I'd split the milk into smaller containers so that they can offer it more than once without it all spoiling if she rejects it.

If she drinks through a straw, I'd go for a cup with a lid and straw hole like these but using disposable straws as the reusable ones are a beggar to clean.

HeadDreamer Thu 29-Oct-15 10:38:01

How old is she exactly? I'm guessing she's 1yo from your post? At that age, she can easily go without a breast feed on nursery days. And if she does need milk, tell nursery to give her cow's milk from a cup. All three nurseries mine went to use the tommee tippee first cup. It's a free flow flip top.

I currently have a 13mo at nursery 5 days a week. She started at 12mo. I slowly introduced 2 snacks from 11mo, and also a cup of cow's milk to get her used to it. (She can drink water from the same cup from about 10mo).

DD1 started full time from 7mo, and was given a bottle of formula. She was a bottle refuser. But feeding herself from a bottle sitting in a high chair is very different from being fed. By 10mo, she's dropped all bottles and went without formula during the day.

Neither take bottles/formula when they are with me.

COYGL12 Thu 29-Oct-15 10:39:14

Thank you so much CMOTDibbler. I've never expressed before so no clue where to start. Could I express the night before? Or do you think mid day is better? I can imagine milk dregs in the straw are a bugger to get to. Thanks again for the help x

HeadDreamer Thu 29-Oct-15 10:39:30

Oh and I slowly drop down to one feed during the day a month before I went back to work. Then when back to work, I'll just be dropping another feed. I didn't express.

circlelake Thu 29-Oct-15 14:27:16

When mine were one I stopped expressing and did cow's milk while I was at work.

They still had bf all day and night at weekends and holidays.

I'd expressed since they were 6 months though so was a bit fed up by then. grin

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