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breastfed baby poo

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Focusfocus Tue 27-Oct-15 02:36:18

My 10 day old is very nicely established into breastfeeding from the start, gaining weight nicely, back to birth weight by day 10 and feeding on demand at roughly every 2-3 hours, with solid milk drunk naps in between, no soreness etc for me.

However, he seems to be pooing into every single nappy!! That's about 8/9 poos a day! Its all runny yellow non smelly but is it normal to poo that much?!

Any advice most welcome!

catsofa Tue 27-Oct-15 02:45:53

Yep normal at 10 days, I think my son was 2 months or so before he started having nappies that were only wet.

TheExMotherInLaw Tue 27-Oct-15 02:53:31

The poo seems normal, and it's far better to have lots of dirty nappies a day than for them to save it all up for one massive poonami a day!
Sounds like you've done amazingly well so far.

Marshy Tue 27-Oct-15 02:54:48

All sounds fab op!

Enjoy your lovely baby smileflowers

Focusfocus Tue 27-Oct-15 05:39:16

Ahhh thanks everyone!

BumWad Tue 27-Oct-15 05:44:44

Definitely normal!

WombOfOnesOwn Tue 27-Oct-15 16:13:26

I always heard the rule was a poo diaper per day of baby's age through the end of the second week of life.

Skiptonlass Tue 27-Oct-15 16:49:17

Normal. My little one is the same - one in one out ;)

Slugonthewindow Tue 27-Oct-15 16:51:22

Yup, watch out for poonami up the back. A poo tsunami. It's a shocker. Someone once described it as Korma sauce. Gross but accurate.

steppemum Tue 27-Oct-15 16:55:33

baby one - one pooh every 3 days
baby two - 5-10 poohs per day

both normal!

catsofa Tue 27-Oct-15 23:19:41

BTW if you have a pooer, make sure you have at least two clean of everything he could possibly poo on - blankets, sleeping bag, sheets, cot mattress, moses basket mattress, your own trousers, etc! grin

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