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How do I find a BFC who will come to the house?

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GeorginaA Fri 14-May-04 13:19:23

I'm a member of the NCT but I seem to have managed to lose *all* my paperwork or it's buried somewhere in the filing cabinet.

Ds2 is 3 days old and I have lovely mashed and bleeding nipples. I think I'm doing all the right things from memory and from the pictures (tummy to tummy, nose to nipple, wide open mouth to the bottom of the areola, lip curled out, etc) but still quite sore. Would like someone to just come and check the latch is right, check baby's suck etc.

The hospital offer various support groups, but I'm really not feeling up to leaving the house and traipsing across town. Do the NCT's counsellors come to the house does anyone know?

I live in Worcester, has anyone got a phone number for someone local to me?

Freckle Fri 14-May-04 13:31:06

Call the NCT breastfeeding line on 0870 444 8708. They may be able to help. Alternatively, contact the main enquiry line on 0870 444 8707 and they should be able to give you details of bfcs in your area. Many bfcs will come to the house. Some only offer telephone advice because of their home circumstances, but I'm sure you'll find one who will visit you.

hercules Fri 14-May-04 13:32:15

Tel 0870 444 8708 bf line

tiamaria Fri 14-May-04 13:32:17

GeorginaA - I do feel for you. There was an item on This Morning about breast feeding today. I'll look at that website to see if it gives some advice/tel nos or something. My s is a La Leche League advisor. I'll look up their website for you now and will come back soon.

Tommy Fri 14-May-04 13:33:24

Good luck Georgina - in the light of all the talk about breastfeeding this week, I think all HVs should be trained BFCs ! Hope it all goes well

hewlettsdaughter Fri 14-May-04 13:34:08

Hi, I don't have a number local to you I'm afraid but the NCT national helpline is: 0870 444 8708 - maybe they can give you details of someone. You could also try La Leche League. You're doing exactly the right thing trying to sort it out now - I'm still struggling with latching problems 3 and half weeks in (I have phoned an independent midwife who specialises in breastfeeding problems and she is coming round this afternoon).

katierocket Fri 14-May-04 13:35:30

when I had probs I called the NCT helpline and it directed my call to my nearest counsellor, brilliant service, she came round within the hour.

tiktok Fri 14-May-04 13:37:39

georgina, hope you get help....but what about the community midwife? You should be seeing her and she should be able to make a non-scheduled visit for nipples as bad as that

GeorginaA Fri 14-May-04 13:41:24

Thanks all, will phone the NCT shortly. I did see the community midwife today, tiktok, and she was really helpful, but ds2 had just had a feed and was zonked, and they're so busy at the moment... She was really nice and suggested the support groups and infant feeding advisor group, but as I say, I just don't feel up to leaving the house quite yet.

hd: I've been reading your thread just now, I hope you get it all sorted soon - it's horrible, isn't it! My toes are curling with you, hon.

tiamaria Fri 14-May-04 13:49:42

GeorginaA - You've had lots of good advice. I went on (I think!) and it had a summary under the title of 'breast is best'. The lady who was interviewed was Claire Byam-Cook. Also there's 24 hour helpline 0845 120 2918. Might be handy to have in reserve. Good luck!

btw I think she said that it's mouth to nipple and to latch on quickly. I think!

GeorginaA Fri 14-May-04 14:08:42

NCT line is busy at the moment... didn't want to leave a message because you can never get through on our landline and I feel bad getting a volunteer having to pay to get through to a mobile Will try again in an hour or two or try that la leche number.

Thanks for that link though tiamaria - it's interesting she says to lay baby horizontally and the squidging the breast thing... going to try that next feed. It sounds more comfy than tummy to tummy angle (which is what my book said, but then I wonder if tummy to tummy is better for windy babies - ds2 is quite sicky).

Going to research some other holds too and see if they make a difference to the latch.

secur Fri 14-May-04 14:20:12

Message withdrawn

GeorginaA Fri 14-May-04 14:26:38

Thank you secur

JulieF Fri 14-May-04 14:51:32

PLease please please take what Claire Byam Cook said with a very big pinch of salt. Its nose to nipple.

I have the NCT directory for your region somewhere. I'll see if I can enquire for you.


BTW Don't feel bad, the volunteers branch should pay for all her telephone charges, some send in itemised bills, others have a special 2nd line just for b/f calls

JulieF Fri 14-May-04 15:13:53

I can't find a bfc listed for Worcester only a trainee.

However please phone their enquiry line on 07005 802877 or email and ask them.

JulieF Fri 14-May-04 15:24:05

Just seen on theor website they don't have a bfc at the moment.

Another thought though. One of the support groups local to me actually sent someone out when I was havong problems and unable to get to them so give the hospital group a ring and see if that is the case.

GeorginaA Fri 14-May-04 15:55:18

Thank you JulieF.

I actually had a pretty good feed this last feed. Still toe curling for the first five minutes or so, then reasonably comfortable. That means a better latch, yes?

Had him more horizontal this time, am hoping he isn't more sicky/windy as a result - although it'll be nice not to see posset that isn't streaked with blood for a change!

JulieF Fri 14-May-04 22:26:49

Glad the feed went better.

Is he a small baby. I had a problem when my ds finally learned to latch on at all that his mouth was just too small to open wide enough and his hard palate was rubbing against my nipple. Ouch.

I wish I could describe how the bfc got things to improve but it's difficult for someone untrained like me. I sort of had to shape my breast into his mouth a little but once he grew a bit the problem resolved itself.

Get hold of some lansinoh to help you whilst you are sorting it. If you want to contact me I could send you some samples I still have if you can't get any from elsewhere.

BTW ought to have said this before, congrats on your son's birth


GeorginaA Sat 15-May-04 10:08:23

I'm taking out shares in Lansinoh, but thank you

I think the main problem is when we wake him for a feed - he's too sleepy to latch properly - it's then I have to be extra vigilant, but it's really tempting when it takes ten minutes to get a latch to accept ANY latch. He also seems to latch better on the left hand side for some reason.

Going to wait now until after the weekend, see if I've healed up a bit by then.

hewlettsdaughter Sat 15-May-04 11:12:03

Soooooo with you there on just accepting any latch - midwife who came to see me yesterday managed to get dd latched on to me correctly, but I'm not finding it any easier myself yet. It's hard work isn't it?! Hang on in there...

GeorginaA Sat 15-May-04 11:16:21

Oh I'm glad you've managed to get some good help, hd.

Problem I find is, I think I've sussed it (or rather ds2 has sussed it), have a comfortable feed, then I seem to go back to square one again.

On the plus side, the possetting seems to have gone down, so I'm not seeing bloody spit up from the split nipples all over the crib sheet in the morning

He looks less yellow today too...

hewlettsdaughter Sat 15-May-04 11:19:36

And how are you feeling?

GeorginaA Sat 15-May-04 11:22:24

Honestly? Absolutely knackered and wondering what the hell I was thinking 9 months ago! Had an absolutely dreadful night because ds2 seems to only want to sleep in my arms, hanging off a boob (not helping the soreness much). When he was asleep, ds1 was awake.

Then again, the sun is shining now, babe is looking all cute and innocent snuggled in his chair... can't really get that cross with them can you

hewlettsdaughter Sat 15-May-04 12:04:07

Nights are always the worst, I think... still, as you say, the sun is shining
My dd seems to only sleep at night if she's got her cheek resting on some skin (usually my boob). How is it that something so small can dictate things so much!

tiamaria Sat 15-May-04 19:18:20

GeorginaA - How is it going? Has anyone been to see you at home, yet? If not, have you been able to receive advice over the phone? If you want to speak to my sister please contact me through contact another talker.

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