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Night feedings

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Londoner1983 Fri 23-Oct-15 16:18:53


My baby is 13 weeks old weighing about 13.5lb. He has super bedtime routine and in bed for 7. We then feed at 10.30(dream feed). He was then waking at 2.30 for a feed then again at 5.30. However now he's waking at 1(we put dummy in which makes him go till 2) but then wakes between 4-5 and being a pain thereafter! His night feeds are now putting him off his day feeds. He is formula fed.

I asked advice from HV who said to just feed him and wasn't concerned about the face is affecting his day feeds
Any suggestions please? Do I keep feeding him twice? Do I offer water? Do I water formula down? Do I just give small amount over night and hope he settles?!All suggestions made mums at a baby group I go to. I know he's little but he is getting his allowance during the day for feeds.

Thank you!!

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 23-Oct-15 18:14:31

Please don't water down his formula. It will fill up his little Tim but he won't get the calories and nutrition he needs to grow and develop. Effectively, you would be putting him on a diet.

I'd just feed him in the night. Do you have someone to share the night feeds with or who can let you have a lie in?

As for the day feeds, try to keep the distractions down to a minimum. At this age they get easily distracted in the day and then want to fill up at night.

MicheleWeinberger Fri 23-Oct-15 19:32:09

Argh its so annoying when you think you've nailed it then they go changing the goal posts. This happens continously though I'm afraid. It could be a growth spurt causing him to wake more frequently and be a bit unsettled. I would try to up his milk in the day if you can somehow. When my ds started waking again at night I fed him on the occasion he woke then upped his milk in the day and moved up the size of his teat if necessary so he could drink his milk more quickly. Sometimes they get bored and stop feeding if the milk doesn't come out fast enough.

I would maybe offer just water if the dummy isn't settling him. If he kicks off then feed him just enough to get him settled to sleep again. Then try to up his milk in the day. Hopefully after a couple of days he will go back to being more settled and a bit more predictable.

Good luck and remember nights like these don't last forever x

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