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Giving Aptamil and Aptamil Comfort together

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BumWad Thu 22-Oct-15 21:09:42

Do you think this would be OK? I'm going to ask my HV tomorrow but I have a feeling she will flatly say no.

Just a bit of background, DS is 21 weeks (14 weeks corrected) and was exclusively breastfed until 14 weeks. At 12 weeks he refused to latch and I have been pumping since/combined feeding with Aptamil comfort. The reason for using comfort milk wasn't due to colic however DS suffered with constipation as he has reflux and on infant gaviscon. The comfort milk alleviated this.

The reflux is better and we only give gaviscon at night and in the morning with breastmilk. We can't however give the gaviscon with the comfort milk as it is just too thick and gloopy in the bottle (even with bigger year) can't give infant gaviscon in a syringe or spoon as DS has a very strong gag reflex!

So my plan is to gradually decrease my pumping sessions. I stopped my day time pump session today and I felt so relaxed and also got to spend that extra time playing with DS so this is definitely the right decision. I will start by giving DS regular Aptamil at night only so I can administer gaviscon and carry on with the comfort milk in the day which helps him poo. This I think will only be short term as we will be weaning in the next 2 months. I know the only difference with the milks is the whey/casein ratio with the regular Aptamil being closer to breastmilk. But obviously the whey and casein being differerent types.

Any thoughts?

BumWad Thu 22-Oct-15 21:10:10

My goodness it was only meant to be a quick question sorry it is so long! blush

CultureSucksDownWords Thu 22-Oct-15 22:14:38

Why do you think the HV will say no, and why are you asking them? Both milks are sold as suitable from birth so I can't see why there would be an issue with this.

I couldn't find out online what proportion of whey/casein there is in the Comfort milk, but I would doubt it has a higher casein amount than the first milk as that would make it harder to digest.

BertieBotts Thu 22-Oct-15 22:38:34

I don't see why not either - I think you should just try it and see what happens. You don't need to ask permission smile

BumWad Fri 23-Oct-15 21:40:35

Thanjs for replies.

Not managed to get hold of HV but I guess I'm just assuming that they will frown upon giving two different types of milks. The comfort milk is just partially hydrolysed whey and bo casein.

CorBlimeyTrousers Fri 23-Oct-15 21:44:11

I don't see why the HV would frown on it. As mentioned above, both milks are suitable from birth. I'd just try and see how it goes.

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